September 28, 2021

6 Best Places to Visit in Satara


Top Tourist Attractions in Satara

Satara is a city in Maharashtra, India, in the Satara District, near the confluence of the Krishna River and its tributary, the Venna. The city was founded in the 16th century and served as the capital of the Maratha Empire’s Chhatrapati, Shahu I. Satara is known for the Kaas Plateau, Thoseghar, and a number of natural features in the surrounding area. UNESCO has designated the Kass Plateau as a World Heritage Site (WHS). The Kaas Pathar, as it is known locally, changes into a wildflower heaven during the monsoon months.

Satara is the former capital of the Maratha Empire in the 17th century, giving it a significant historical significance in Maharashtra.

The city’s name is derived from the seven hills (Satara) that surround it and provide various tourist attractions and hiking opportunities.

Best Places to Visit in Satara

  1. Mahableshwar
  2. Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall
  3. Bhambwali Flower Plateau
  4. Pachgani
  5. Pratapgad
  6. Tapola

Best Time to Visit in Satara


How to Reach Satara

By Flight

Satara is 123 kilometres away from Lohegaon Airport, which can be reached through buses and taxis accessible near the airport. The travel to Satara takes around 2 hours and 44 minutes. Satara is around 264 kilometres from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, which is a four-and-a-half-hour drive by car.

By Train

Satara Railway Station, on the Pune-Miraj line, is well connected to other Indian cities. Satara may also be reached by regular trains from Mumbai and Pune.

By Road

Satara has a working bus station. You may also take a Volvo bus with reclining seats or a sleeper bus. Bus services are provided by private companies. MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) provides regular and frequent bus services to Satara from Mumbai and Pune, in addition to private buses. The region is also well-served by public transportation to other nearby cities.