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10 Best Places to Visit in Koraput


Top Tourist Attractions in Koraput

Koraput is a town and a municipality in the Indian state of Odisha‘s Koraput district. The district headquarters of Koraput district is Koraput town. The Jagannath Temple, also known as Sabara Srikhetra, is the most prominent attraction in Koraput. Although Srikhetra is commonly referred to the Puri Jagannath, the Koraput temple has a distinct character due to the fact that it is open to all sections of society.

 Best Places to Visit in Koraput

  3. Sabar Sreekhetra
  6. MACHHKUND (Duduma)
  8. GULMI


A little town 21 kilometres east of Jeypore and 43 kilometres west of Koraput is home to India’s tallest wide gauge railway tunnel, which is located on a hilltop. This location is great for a weekend picnic.


03 kilometres from Laxmipur and 60 kilometres from Koraput, this stone hill with a permanent stream draws a considerable number of weekend travellers. This location is perfect for trekking because it is surrounded by natural beauty. Every year, massive colourful celebrations take place to commemorate “Anla Navami.”

Sabar Sreekhetra

Koraput is nestled among verdant hills at 2900 feet above sea level. The panoramic view of town, along with its healthy environment, makes it an appealing health resort. Nature communicates in a multitude of languages, which a nature lover translates into delight. The breathtaking beauty transports you to another world. Jagannath Temple of SabarSrikhetra The fact that it is perched atop a mound adds to the significance of this location. The tribal museum adjacent to it exhibits the region’s unusual cultural history.


Gupteswar Cave Shrine is located on a beautiful green hill 58 kilometres from Jeypore and 80 kilometres from Koraput, within dense forest. The Temple’s vast interior has a massive ‘lingam.’ Gupteswar is also well known as Gupta KedraShabari, a Rocky Stream of Great Scenic Beauty Flows by Gupteswar. Lord Rama is said to have travelled through this region on his way to Panchabati in Dandaka-ranya. The densely forested valley all around is a haven for adventure seekers.


Odisha’s tallest mountain peak, Deomali (1762 m), nestled in the lap of the Eastern Ghats, is suitable for Aero Gliding and hiking trips. It is 60 kilometres from Koraput.


The majestic waterfall, popularly known as Matsya Tirtha, falls from a height of 175 metres. Duduma, 70 kilometres south of Jeypore and 88 kilometres from Koraput, is a rocky outflow for the river Machhkund, which runs through this rugged terrain. Rock climbers can attempt to reach the foot of the fall from the opposite side of the slope, a path that tribals believe is Terribly Strenuous.


A settlement located on the southern bank of Kolab, 10 kilometres from Koraput. A copper plate begins with the fact that the village was handed to one Narasingha Mishra. Maharaja Krishna Dev on the occasion of the solar eclipse on September 24, 1620. A 30-foot-high Jain temple houses 05 images of thirthankars, including Resavanath, Mahavir Jain, Ambika Devi, Jakhya&Jakhyani. The pictures are carved with great care and attain a high degree of art, indicating that the Kechela was a Jainaism seat throughout the mediaeval period.


The Kolab river has formed a whirlpool in Gulmi, attracting a big crowd from both the district and the state of Chatisgarh. It is 100 kilometres from Koraput and 25 kilometres from Chandeli (Odisha border).


It is 18 kilometres from Koraput. It is a contemporary municipality known for MIG fighter fighters, the Sukhoi plant, and a museum with aircraft engines on exhibit that are worth seeing.


It is a reservoir created by a dam on the Kolab River. It has an area of 68.2 square kilometres and is a wonderful site for a picnic and leisure vacation. Koraput is 77 kilometres distant.

Best Time to Visit Koraput

Koraput is best visited in June/July and November-February.

How to Reach Koraput

AIR :-

Nearest air strip is at Jeypore (Odisha), 25 Kms from Koraput

Visakhapatnam (Andra Pradesh) airport  to Koraput 202 Kms.


Well connected from Vijayanagaram (A P),Visakhapatnam (A P), Bhubaneswar & Calcutta.


NH 26 passes through the District. Buses available from Bhubaneswar,Brahmapur,Rayagada ,Vijayanagaram (AP), Visakhapatnam (AP)

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