September 17, 2021

6 Amazing Tourist Places in Imphal East

Imphal East Tour

Top Tourist Attractions in Imphal East

Imphal East is one of Manipur’s 16 districts, located in northeastern India. It is the state’s second most populated district, after Imphal West, as of 2011.

Imphal East District is a place of scenic beauty, beautiful terrain, pleasant temperature, and a rich cultural history with significant tourist potential.

The Directorate of Tourism, Manipur, manages the tourist houses in Kaina for accommodation of tourists visiting the area as part of strengthening the tourism infrastructure. Modern amenities have been added to Hotel Imphal, which is located in the centre of the city.

Shree Shree Govindagee Temple, Andro, Sekta archaelogical Living Museum, and Mutua Bahadur Museum are among of the tourist attractions in Imphal East District worth seeing. The two war cemeteries, which are maintained by the British War Grave Commission, are a popular tourist attraction. In addition, there is a temple in Kaina, which is a Hindu sacred site. In addition, Mahabali’s Hanuman Temple is a prehistoric site in the state. Poiroupat’s natural beauty in the past, when it was a lake surrounded by a tiny hilltop, was beyond description, and many lotus, lily, and other floating plants were cultivated there, but today it is no longer a lake, and is instead used as an agricultural region.

Imphal East Tour
Imphal East Tour | Auhotr – Animesh Sharma

 Best Places to Visit in Imphal East

  1. Shree shree govindajee temple
  2. Santhei natural park
  3. War cemetery
  4. Mutua bahadur museum, andro
  5. Sanamahi kiyong temple
  6. Hanuman thakur temple

Best Time to Visit in Imphal East


How to Reach Imphal

Imphal East District has excellent road connectivity. Because the district lacks a rail network, communication is solely reliant on roadways. N.H. 39, N.H. 53, and N.H. 150 all go through the district. The district’s total road length is 2020.6 kilometres. National Highway is 32.97 kilometres long, state highway is 60.25 kilometres long, municipality road is 134.33 kilometres long, and inter village road is 1793.05 kilometres long.

By Air to Imphal

Imphal Tulihal Airport is about 8 kilometres from the city centre and is well connected directly with major Indian cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, and key towns in the North Eastern States with domestic air services such as Air India, Indigo, and Air Asia on a regular basis. Imphal is connected to the rest of India through Kolkata/Guwahati.

By Bus to Imphal

  1. From Guwahati daily on the NH 27, NH 29 and NH 2 via Dimapur and Kohima many private buses available.
  2. From Dimapur daily on the NH 2 via Kohima Manipur many private buses available.
  3. From Silchar daily on the NH 37 via Jiribam many private buses available.

By Train to Imphal

Imphal does not have a direct train service. Travelers can, however, go to Guwahati or Dimapur (the closest train station to Imphal) and then relax by bus or plane.

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