July 20, 2024

2 Best Famous Places to Visit in Thoubal


Top Tourist Attractions in Thoubal

Thoubal is a town, a municipal council with 18 municipal wards, and the district headquarters of Manipur‘s Thoubal district. The name ‘Thoubal’ originates from the Arabic word ‘Athouba,’ which means “valiant people,” and refers to the district’s brave residents. It is one of Manipur’s major cities. The Thoubal District is located between the latitudes of 23° 45′ N and 24° 45′ N, and the longitudes of 93° 45′ E and 94°15′ E. It has an average elevation of 790 metres above sea level.

Best Places to Visit in Thoubal


It’s around 10 kilometres south of Thoubal, the district headquarters ( 32 kms from Imphal ). It was here when the Manipuri and British soldiers fought the last struggle for Manipur’s independence. Khongjom is well serviced by the National highway and features a memorial constructed on a tiny hilltop. Since 1988, an eight-bed tourist house has been operating there.

Khongjom War Memorial Complex

The British fired the first bullet of the war on March 24, 1891, without any provocation from the Manipuris. About 50 Manipuris, including Pukhramba Tanka, Khumbong Subedar, Leisang Jamadar, and Athokpa Dewan, gave their life during the battle in Manipur’s capital. Two Tangkhuls were also slain in the hand-to-hand combat. On the side of the British, Lt. Brackenbary and a few sepoys of the British Army were killed. Seven unprotected British officers were murdered in the aftermath of the palace attack, as a result of the Manipuri people’s demand.

Best Time to Visit in Thoubal


How to Reach Thoubal

By Road:-

National Highway 102 runs through Thoubal, linking it to all of Manipur’s and India’s major cities. The Imphal-Moreh Road also connects Thoubal to the rest of the state through NH 39 and NH 53. Private taxis, in addition to state-run buses, travel this route and may be easily accessed by visitors.

By Rail:-

There is no railhead in Manipur. As a result, the nearest railway station to Thoubal is Dimapur, which is around 230 kilometres distant.

By Air:-

The nearest airport is Tulihal Airport (also known as Bir Tikendrajit International) in Imphal. To get to Imphal, tourists must take a stopover aircraft to Guwahati from Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore.

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