May 27, 2024

6 Famous Places to Visit in Ranipet


Top Tourist Attractions in Ranipet

Ranipet is a town in the Tamil Nadu state of India. Ranipet is an industrial centre in Chennai, India’s southernmost metropolis. The Ranipet branch of EID Parry is one of the major ceramic plants in South India. Aside from ceramics, the firm also manufactures fertilisers in this site, which are supplied to farmers all across the country. EID Parry manufactures confectioneries in a variety of places.

Best Places to Visit in Ranipet

  1. Mahendravadi
  2. Kanchanagiri Hills
  3. Ratnagiri Bala Murugan Temple
  4. Narasimmar Temple, Sholingar
  5. Balamurugan Temple
  6. Raja Rani monument

 Best Time to Visit in Ranipet


The Mahendra Vishnukiraham rock sculptures are a noteworthy historic landmark in Arakonam Taluk’s Mahendravadi hamlet. The Archeological Survey of India looks after this monument. It is a very old Tamilnadu rock temple. The rock sculptures were created between 600 and 630 AD during the reign of King Mahendravarman. The Mahendra Varman era Grantha script inscription confirms that Mahendra Vishnukiraham is named after King Mahendra Varman. One of the remarkable elements of the monument is the carvings done in a monolithic stone in an open space. With a couple of whole pillars and one half pillar, the same temple is formed that fascinates tourists. Only Podhigai is engraved in the pillars, which appear to be quite plain.

Kanchanagiri Hills

Kanchanagiri Hills, located 1500 feet above sea level, is a popular tourist site for the residents of Ranipet. It is home to a modest Shiva temple and a Murugan temple. The well-known ‘bell rock’ near Kachanagiri has created quite a stir among the locals of Ranipet.

Ratnagiri Bala Murugan Temple

Lord Murugan is honoured in the Ratnagiri Temple. In this temple, there are two versions of the deity: Lord Thirukkolam, pictured with his wives Valli and Devasena, and Lord Gurukkolam. The idol of the principal god, Bala Murugan, was set in a granite chariot. The garbhagriha is composed of granite and is designed in the Chola style. The temple is surrounded by miniature statues of Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Brahma, Durga, and Chandikeswarar. There are two temples dedicated to Lord Vinayaka, one on top of the hill and one at the bottom.

Arunagiri Nathar erected this temple in the 14th century. Bala Muruganadimai Swamy repaired it in the year 1980. The entrance to the temple is marked by a massive tower. One of the unique aspects of this temple is that the poojas are performed in Tamil rather than the more customary Sanskrit.

Places of Interest

Narasimmar Temple, Sholingar

The term Kadigachalam originated when the Lord granted darsan to the Saptharishi during a kadigai moment and bestowed mukthi. He also offered Prahalatha darsan by modifying his character of Terror and putting him in the yoga stage. Lord Anjeneya, who is currently in the yoga stage, assisted Indrathymna Maharaja in murdering the Arakkan Nikumban and saving his land. It was held on a Sunday, hence every Sunday is significant for Siriya Thiruvadi. People adore the Lord by bathing in the Chakkra Theertham on the tiny hill.

There is a 14th century inscription on Big Hill and a 17th century inscription on Small Hill, as well as an inscription in Telugu. The Lord gives darshan to Yoga Anjeneya at Tiny Hill via a small window opposite Lord Narasimhas Shrine on Big Hill. Yoga Narasimhar is facing east, while the Small Hill is on the Big Hill’s eastern side. Every year on the third day of Brahmotchavam, Swamy Dhottachar would worship Lord Varadaraja Perumal of Kanchi. He once missed the Seva since he was unable to visit Kanchi. Dhottachar, who was anxious, prayed to Lord Varadharajar while sitting on the banks of the Brahma Theertham in Sholinghur.

Rathnagiri – Balamurugan Temple

Ratnagiri, 15 kilometres from Vellore, is famed for the Murugan temple, which is located on a tiny mountain. The temple is claimed to have been erected in the 14th century A.D. However, modifications were just completed.

 Raja Rani monument

The Raja Rani monument is located on the banks of the Palar River in Ranipet. Two towers have been erected in remembrance of Raja Desingh and his loving wife Rani Bai. According to history, Raja Desingh refused to pay British taxes, therefore the British stormed Arcot and assassinated Raja Desingh. Rani Bai committed Sati and died in memory and love of her husband. To commemorate Rani Bai’s sacrifice, Arcot Nawab Sadat-ul-lahkhan erected this monument on the opposite side of Palar and called the town on the opposite bank Ranipet, thus the name of the town.

 Best Time to Visit in Ranipet

Ranipet Weather from September to December: This is an excellent season to visit Ranipet.

How to Reach Ranipet

By Air: Nearest Airport

Chennai Airport is the closest international airport (105 km)

By Train: Nearest Railway Station

The main railway connection near Ranipet is Walajah Road Junction (8 km)

By Road: Bus / Car

Ranipet is well connected to major cities in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The NH 46 (Bangalore–Chennai road) and the NH 4 (Ranipet–Chennai route) both pass through Ranipet.

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