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3 Best Places to Visit in Kiphire

kiphire nagaland

Top Tourist Attractions in Kiphire

Kiphire, Nagaland

Kiphire is a tiny town in Nagaland, India, that sits at a height of 896 metres above sea level and serves as the administrative centre of the newly established Kiphire district, which was carved out of the Tuensang district. Kiphire is around 254 kilometres from Nagaland’s capital, Kohima.

Best Places to Visit in Kiphire

  1. Mt. Saramati
  2. Mimi Cave
  3. Fakim Wild Life Sanctuary

Mt. Saramati

Saramati is a high peak that rises above the surrounding peaks on the mountainous boundary between Nagaland state and the Sagaing Region of Burma. It is situated near Thanamir Village in Nagaland’s Kiphire District. Saramati, with a height of 3,826 m and a prominence of 2,885 m, is one of Southeast Asia’s most prominent summits. It is home to one of Nagaland’s Pristine Forests and a diverse range of flora and wildlife.

Mimi Cave

The Mimi village has a cave complex that provides a pleasant experience for visitors. Mimi, which is located at a height of 300 to 400 feet, has four caverns. This cave is a haven for wild creatures, and there are many of bats in it. Though bats intimidate many, they are essentially harmless. However, seeing a swarm of bats within the cave might be unnerving. Nonetheless, the cave at Mimi remains a popular tourist destination in Nagaland. The natural beauty of the cave is more enticing, and the bats cannot dampen that energy.

Fakim Wild Life Sanctuary

Fakim Sanctuary, with an area of 642 hectares, is located near the India Myanmar border in the Pungro circle headquarter in Nagaland and is a must-see destination on a wildlife excursion to Nagaland. The scenery is varied here, with hills, high peaks, steep gorges, and narrow valleys.

The vegetation is equally diversified as a result of the height change. Fakim Sanctuary, eloped in verdant meadows and greenery, is home to a diverse wildlife including Slender, Loris, Panther, Himalayan bear, Jungle cat, Barking deer, Hoolock gibbon, and others. A good range of bird species, such as Great Hornbill, Tragopan, Jungle Fowl, and Doves, may be seen throughout the winter season, from November to February. The region receives significant rainfall throughout the year, resulting in dense undergrowth in the forests. As a result, a variety of ferns, orchids, bay flowers, and cinnamon trees may be found here.

Best Time to Visit in Kiphire

Kiphire Kiphire is best visited between October and March.

How to Reach Kiphire

Kiphire is accessible by road, rail, and air from all parts of the nation.


From Dimapur to Kiphire, both government and private bus services are available. Dimapur to Kiphire and Dimapur to Pungro are also served by private taxis.


Dimapur Railway Station is the closest station.


From Dimapur, a helicopter service is offered for the district on alternate days. Monday and Friday are the days when you may fly from Dimapur to Kiphire Town, whereas Wednesday is the day when you can fly from Dimapur to Pungro Town.

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