May 23, 2024

3 Best Places to Visit in Phek

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Top Tourist Attractions in Phek


Phek District is located in the Indian state of Nagaland. The district is Nagaland’s seventh most populous and India’s 596th most populous, with a total area of 2,026 square kilometres. Phek is a hilly area with a diverse range of vegetation and wildlife. Tizu, Lanye, and Sedzu are the three major rivers in the area.
Shilloi, Chida, and Dzudu are three notable lakes, and Zanibou and Kapamodzu are two prominent hills.

Best Places to Visit in Phek

  1. Tso Tawo at Khezhakeno village
  2. Glory Peak, Pfutsero, Phek
  3. Shilloi Lake, Meluri, Phek

Tso Tawo at Khezhakeno village

A flat stone known as Tso Tawo was believed by the forebears to create a double fold if a basket of paddy was dried in the heat.

Glory Peak,Pfutsero,Phek

Glory Peak, located around 2600 metres above sea level, provides an amazing and fascinating panorama that one can never forget. It is one of Nagaland’s tallest mountains and is located in the district of Phek. This renowned tourist destination is well-known not only for its stunning view of the mountains clothed in lush foliage, but also for its majestic vista of the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest. The Peak is roughly 4 kilometres from Pfutsero town and 70 kilometres from Nagaland’s capital, Kohima.

Mount Saramati, Nagaland’s tallest mountain, may even be seen from here. The peak’s top is a flat plateau terrain. The inhabitants celebrate festivals and huge gatherings with much joy and vivacity on one half of the peak, and there is a treehouse from which you can view Mt. Everest and Mt. Saramati on the other half of the summit. Phek has grown in popularity as a tourist destination due to the Glory Peak and its visual splendour.

Shilloi Lake,Meluri,Phek

Shilloi Lake is located in the Phokhungri area’s L├╝tsam Village, which is part of the Meluri sub-division of the Phek district. The lake is the subject of several tales. One of these was the discovery of a baby floating in the middle of the lake, with two hands observed bobbing the infant. It is thought that the infant is the lake’s reigning queen, and that the lake’s spirits protect it. As a result, it is thought that no one can drown in the lake. In truth, there have been no known drowning deaths in the lake. It is surrounded by pine woods and is landlocked.

The region is well-known for its fishing sites. Between June and September is the greatest time to go fishing. The lake is the greatest spot in the state for birding since it is a sanctuary for migrating species such as Siberian Cranes. You may stay at the guest home and mingle with the kind locals. Rowing boats is another option. Alternatively, you might spend your time relaxing at the guest home. The lake is critical to Nagaland’s tourist development.

Best Time to Visit in Phek

During the summer season, the ideal time to visit Phek Nagaland is between March and June.

How to Reach Phek


Phek town is 145 kilometres from Kohima, Nagaland’s capital, and 219 kilometres from Dimapur, the state’s commercial centre. Visitors visiting Phek have the option of flying or driving from Dimapur or Kohima to Phek. Phek is bordered on the south by the state of Manipur, on the west by Kohima District, on the north by Zunheboto and Tuensang districts, and on the east by Myanmar.

Means of transportation to reach Phek District

By Flight

Phek’s nearest airport is Dimapur, which is 75 kilometres from Kohima and 219 kilometres from Phek. From Dimapur, it is simple to fly to Phek.

By Road

Phek can be accessible by road from surrounding cities such as Guwahati, Dimapur, and Kohima, as it is connected to all of the cities in the area by an excellent road network.

By Train

The Dimapur Railway Station is the closest station to Phek. It is Nagaland’s primary railway station and the state’s only railway station, providing excellent access to the rest of the country. Despite the lack of train services in Phek, once you have arrived in Dimapur from Guwahati or other towns connected to Dimapur, you may easily reach Phek by traversing a few kilometres on the road via bus or cab.

Local Transport in Phek

The only mode of local transportation in and around Phek is by car.

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