July 17, 2024

2 Top Tourist Attractions in Nabarangpur


Top Tourist Attractions in Nabarangpur

Nabarangpur is a town and municipality in the Indian state of Odisha‘s Nabarangapur district. It is the administrative centre of the Nabarangpur district. Famous Temples, Tourist Attractions, and Picnic Spots in the Nabarangpur District. Papadahandi is 12 kilometres from Nabarangpur and is known for its Shaiva shrine and ancient antiquity, Sahid Stamba. On the days of Sivaratri, Kartika Punima, and Srabana Purnima, a large number of devotees go to this tourist attraction.

 Best Places to Visit in Nabarangpur


Ancient Nala Dynasty ruins, located 11 kilometres from Umerkote. Podagad, located near Umerkote, was the ancient Nala Dynasty’s capital. The relics of the reigning dynasties are preserved in the Podagad hill ranges, which are plagued with thick forest. Their caverns, usables, inscriptions, and livable rock constructions suggest that the Nalas and Bhakatakas dominated the area prior to the Mughal conquest. Buddhists stayed here for a longer time after that.

Chandan Dhara

Chandan Dhara is a natural water fall located 90 kilometres from Nabarangpur in Jharigam Block. A natural Shiva Lingam is also a highlight of the location. Chandan Dhara is a great spot for picnics and excursions.

Best Time to Visit Nabarangpur


How to Reach Nabarangpur

Nabarangpur District is connected only by road.

Road Distances

From Bhubaneswar – 580 KM
From Visakhapatnam – 280 KM
From Raipur – 320 KM

Nearest Railway Stations

Jeypore – 40 KM
Koraput – 66 KM
Kesinga 170 KM

Nearest Airports

From Bhubaneswar – 580 KM
From Visakhapatnam – 280 KM
From Raipur – 320 KM


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