June 16, 2024

5 Best Places to Visit in Birbhum

Birbhum Tour

Top Tourist Attractions in Birbhum

Birbhum district is an administrative division of West Bengal, India. It is the northernmost district of the Burdwan division, which is one of West Bengal’s five administrative divisions. Suri is where the district headquarters are located. Rampurhat, Bolpur, and Sainthia are also major cities.

Burdwan division’s northernmost district is Birbhum. The region is trapezoidal in form and covers approximately 4,545 square kilometres. The River Ajay forms the southern base of the triangle, with the tip pointing north. The district of Birbhum shares its western boundary with the state of Jharkhand, while the districts of Bardhaman and Murshidabad in West Bengal share the border in the other directions. Birbhum is widely accessible from all areas of the state due to its strategic position, making getting there a breeze. Please read the following lines for further information on how to travel to Birbhum.

Best Places to Visit in Birbhum

  1. Santiniketan
  2. Shakti Peeth
  3. Jaydev Kenduli
  4. Patharchapuri
  5. Bakreswar

Best Time to Visit in Birbhum


How to Reach Birbhum

By Air
The nearest airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, which is around 160 kilometres from Birbhum. The airport, which is located in Kolkata, is well linked to the rest of the country as well as certain foreign destinations. Tourists may either take a train to Birbhum or arrange for a bus or personal cab to go to the picturesque and stunning area after disembarking from the plane.

By Rail
Railways connect Birbhum to the rest of West Bengal’s districts. The Eastern Railway’s Howrah-Sahibganj loop goes through this region. The Andal-Sainthia line connects Birbhum to the main Howrah-Delhi main line, while the junction at Nalhati connects it to Azimganj in Murshidabad district. In short, Birbhum is well connected to the surrounding districts, making travel to the area enjoyable.

By Road
Birbhum is well linked to the rest of West Bengal’s districts. The Panagarh-Moregram Expressway, which connects the Grand Trunk Road (NH 2) with the National Highway 5, runs through the district. Aside from that, the location has a number of alternative entrance points. Birbhum is connected to all of West Bengal’s districts by regular bus services from Kolkata, Siliguri, and other places.

Local Transport
When it comes to local transportation, there are bus services, auto rickshaws, and taxis to choose from. Apart from that, local trains run across the district, connecting all of Birbhum’s important divisions. Each town in Birbhum has a railway station, including Ahmadpur, Dubrajpur, Rampurhat, Asansol, Murarai, Sainthia, Bolpur Shantiniketan, Nalhati, Siuri, Chatra, Rajgram, and Swadinpur.

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