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Chidiya Tapu Beach – Andaman, Must Visit Place

Chidiya Tapu Beach

Chidiya Tapu Beach – Andaman

Chidiya Tapu is one of Andaman’s most popular tourist destinations, and if you’re going to the islands, don’t hesitate to spend a few hours here. Chidiya Tapu is famous primarily for its variety of birds and is a bird watching sanctuary. The sky is adorned with indigenous and migratory birds, attracting lovers of nature and wildlife to visit the site.

In Andaman this island is also a treasure trove of incredible ocean views. The exciting views of a dense green blanket and azure sea water are awaiting you at almost any turn. Experience serenity as the thick mangroves surround all of the island and give the senses a feeling of peace. You will miss everything you like in your hectic way of life on a stroll through the jungles.

For adventuresport lovers, the island is also an enticing choice. It has a rich aquatic life with vivid corals and lively marine fauna. Snorkel or scuba dive, discover the rich world beneath the surface, explore the web of labyrinthine coral, capture little fish, and swim with magnificent marine tortoises. The Island is also a spot for those who don’t know how to dive, to stroll on the sand. Now under the supervision of experienced and supportive staff, you will see the fascinating underwater vision.

For the most relaxed and luxurious experience book your Andaman tour package beforehand. You can search on the path leading to the popular Mund Pahad or Black Mountain when you like staying on land. The road overlooks the island and the perspective will steal your breath away as you see the blue sea reaching out towards the eye. A good destination is the organic park, where you can enjoy picnics in the center of thick forest with your family and enjoy wildlife in their natural surroundings. Chidiya Tapu is also known as The Sunset Spot, so you can just take a look at the beach and watch the sun setting in the turquoise sea water at the end of an afternoon.

Chidiya Tapu Beach andaman

Chidiya Tapu Biological Park

In this biological park which was established in 2001, you can take in the rich biodiversity and a wide variety of tropical flora and fauna of Andaman Islands. The goal of the park is to protect and to research the native and endangered plant and animal species which are indigenous to the islands. The spot is surrounded by dense green jungles that provide a perfect refuge for the animals and provide their visitors with physical and intellectual relaxation.

Exotic plants such as Mahuas and Padauks, exquisite birds and animals are featured in the park. There are plenty of wild pigs and spotted cherries in the jungle to walk over 40 hectares. For any of you interested in looking at crocodiles and reptiles there is even a reptile centre. It is a divine joy to bird watchers, as indigenous and migratory birds can always be seen flying over the park without reservation.

Serpentine treks and a bird’s voice humming on the background are an exciting experience, as is the occasion to visit a wild animal. There is no better spot on Chidiya Tapu than spending several hours here for wildlife enthusiasts and photographing lovers.

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– Highlights: endemic and endangered species of plants and animals in their natural habitat

– Visiting time: 10 am to 5 pm, open from Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays

– Visiting Duration: people usually spend 2-3 hours here

– Location: Chidiyatapu, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

– Entry Fee: INR 20 for Indians, and INR 50 for foreigners

– Guides: Guides are recommended because there are many hidden gems here that you may otherwise miss. They are available for rates as low as 1500 INR.

How to reach Chidiya Tapu

– From Port Blair

Chidiya Tapu is situated about 30 km from Port Blair and many ways to get to the island. Many people walk and ride to the tropical island as the serpentine path promises breathtaking views and incredible views. You can see the breathtaking beauty of thick jungles, mountains and the rocky beach of Kalapathar as you follow this road. You can also rent a car from Port Blair to Chidiya Tapu.

– From Havelock Island

You will need to go via Port Blair if you’re in Havelock and want to go to Chidiya Tapu, as there’s no clear road from the two islands. There are many routes from Havelock to Port Blair, including inexpensive routes including a tourist government ferry departing three days a week, or an adventurous helicopter trip with spectacular views of the islands. You can only take a bike or ferry to Chidiya Tapu when you enter Port Blair.

Best time to visit Chidiya Tapu

While the island enjoys good weather during the year, Chidiya Tapu is the best time to visit Andaman during the month between October and April.

Temperatures climb above 40 degrees in the summer months of May to July, and the temperature may be reasonably humid. The beaches spring, the roads are clear, and birds or animals are also going back on the jungles to keep themselves calm. It’s no ideal to walk in such rugged conditions.

Heavy rainfall can contribute to dangerous conditions on the beaches during the moonsoon months of August through September as waves in this weather can be very high. The ocean is becoming volatile in these months and tsunami warnings are very frequent.

Thus, spring and winter are the perfect time to visit. The weather is bright, nice, and perfect to explore during these months. Despite the high temperatures, it is also the best weather to lounge on the beaches and enjoy water sports.

Places to visit near Chidiya Tapu

In close proximity to the island there are numerous tourism destinations, where you can enjoy nature and the scenery.

Kalapathar Beach is the most popular location in the vicinity of Chidiya Tapu. From Port Blair to Chidiya Tapu, you will find this spot. Enjoy the black rocks and boulders on the sand for a few minutes. After reaching the island, a hiking trail to Munda Pahad is spread out, overlooking the islands with a wonderful view. Cinque Island, another location suitable for a relaxation in the glory of Nature, can also be visited.

 Things/ Activities to do in Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu is a nature enthusiasts’ paradise, and one of Chidiya Tapu’s most common hobbies is birding. The island is recognized throughout the world for having a wide number of threatened and endangered bird species. Exotic migratory birds can also be seen alongside local birds.

Take part in sports such as snorkeling, perl hunting, boat rides, deep sea walking and scuba diving to increase the levels of adrenaline. A peaceful picnic in the biological park is a perfect getaway for you while you fly with your family.

Also known as The Sunset Point, Chidiya Tapu. The colorful shades of the sky are not to be overlooked at sunset.

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Places to eat in and near Chidiya Tapu

In and around the island you can get tasty food without burning a hole in your wallet. Both local and continental cuisines are included.

Brewberrys and Waves are some of the most popular restaurants. Both are on a slightly pricey side, but the gastronomic and the beautiful decoration make it up. Few resorts are also located on the island and sell snacks with water from the mouth, such as Palm Grove, Rose Valley and Fortune Resorts. Along with snacks, in these areas you will enjoy the wonderful view of the island.

Discover the breathtaking water sports in Andaman on your journey to the island.

Places to stay near Chidiya Tapu

If you are planning on spending a few days on the island, there are many choices for a comfortable stay.

1Sea Princess Beach Resort provides the ideal combination of modern amenities and breathtaking views. The hotel is just 15 kilometres from the island, so you can go sightseeing whenever you want. Hotel Blue Marlin offers comfortable and airy rooms at an attractive price. If you want to spend a real time and you don’t care about having to pay extra cash, see Comfort Inn Blue Waves. The North Reef is on the flip side, cheap and cosy – great for the kids.

Here are Andaman’s best resorts to reserve for a convenient stay.

Medical Facilities in Chidiya Tapu

Port Blair is only a few kilometers from Chidiya Tapu and the capital is home to state-of-the-art medical services and hospitals. Easily available here are professional physicians, nurses, prescriptions, imaging facilities. There is also a PHC on the island itself, which comprises 10 beds.

Timing to visit Chidiya Tapu

The island is known for its wonderful sunsets and so it’s best to go here in the dark. But if you want to visit the organic park, it is best to schedule your trip during the afternoon, to spend some hours in the park, to watch the famous sunset before going to the beach.

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Mobile Connectivity in Chidiya Tapu

At all, owing to its remoteness, a network link is dicey on the island. In parts of Port Blair and Havelock Island, the connectivity is strong, but Chidiya Tapu is mostly covered in deep forest, which means that the Internet connection is weak. The link is fine if you can get a satellite connection, but it is a pricey choice.

 Travellers’ Tip before visiting Chidiya Tapu

Before going to the islands, it’s best to receive some malaria vaccinations and take precautions on food and water. Don’t drink here tap water and take with you an emergency bag. You must keep your visa and passport always with you if you are a foreign national and not visit restricted areas.

Bird Island Andaman or Chidiya tapu is a tapestry of lush mangrove forests with various bird species. The eco-park is located 28 km from the capital city of the archipelago Port Blair at the southern tip of South Andaman Island. From Port Blair to Chidiya tapu there are frequent bus services. This location is also popular for picnic spots, trekking paths and spectacular views of the sun set, apart from being a bird watching paradise.

Even a visit is expected to Chidiya tapu biological park with its rich and varied flora and fauna. Chidiya tapu’s Sunset Point is one of the biggest attractions. The sun is sinking gloriously from here as you dip in Bengal’s extensive sea. Even Chidiya tapu has a small zoo worth visiting.

Chidiyatapu & Mundapahad- Port Blair

Opening Time: 8 AM

Closing Time: 6 PM

Famous For: Beach, Bird Watching, Sunset.

The ChidiyaTapu is a quiet and scenic destination renowned for its tranquil and relaxed surroundings and the greenery of the dense tropical plains, situated 22.5 from Port Blair Airport.

Chidiya Tapu is popular among locals and tourists who want a break away from their daily life, since it is in the outskirts of Port Blair, far away from the noises of the area.

The entire area is surrounded by a tropical forest that extends miles and kilometers from both sides and provides a wonderful view of the sea. The Forest is covered under the Andaman Administration and accommodates all sorts of birds and animals. The most widespread of these is wild boar.

Chidiya Tapu, known as the ‘Bird Island,’ is the south tip of South Andaman Island at a distance of 25 km from Port Blair Central Bus Stand. This is one of Andaman & Nicobar Islands’ best destinations to visit.

Chidiya Tapu is a little town with green mangroves and quiet islands. It’s a little village. It is renowned for the view of birds, the sunset, the scenic scenery of the nearby country side and the many colours. The region is full of 46 bird species, including drongos, hanging parrot, scarlet minivet, emerald twig, long-tailed and red-brown parrots, white beauty eagle and gray, royal, green pigeons.

Chidiya Tapu, well known as Sunset Point, is one of the most sun-set locations on the Andaman Islands’ major center, Port Blair. The Chidiya tapu Biological Park, Chidiya tapu beach, Sylvan sands and Munda Pahad beaches are among the most popular attractions here. A woodland guest house on the top of the hill gives a view of the sunset and the islands beyond Tapu Chidiya. The seas of this area are living with vivid corals, making it a perfect place to snorkel. Swim here, but beware in the crocodiles of salt water.

In order to protect and research endangered and threatening species of animaux present on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Chidiya Tapu Biological Park originated in 2001. From that time on, the park has become a wildlife and conservation hub where you can get an insight into the island’s diverse fauna. The park is covered by a range of plants distributed over 40 hectares, from the magnificent Mahuas to the beautiful Padauks. As one passes through this jungle, one can glimpse a number of birds, wild pigs and barking deer.

Tapu Chidiya is well connected by road and conveniently accessible by booking a taxi.

Chidiya Tapu has something more to do for adventure fans. A walkway passing through the forest and stunning coastline to the Munda Pahad is accessible (Black Mountain). The 1.5 km trail begins in a thick forest at the Chidiya Tapu Beach. To hit Munda Pahad, it is advised to take a guide or fly in groups. Before you launch your trip to Munda Pahad, bring food and water.

Biological Park Timings: 9 AM to 4 PM

Biological Park Entry Fee: Rs. 25 per person.

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM

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