December 1, 2023

Benreu Nagaland: Must-Visit for All lovers of nature


Benreu – Nagaland 

In northeast India, Nagaland borders on Myanmar and is a mountainous state. It is the home of many indigenous tribes who honor the traditions of the various tribes with festivals and markets. Its capital Kohima was extensively fought by a commemoration of the Kohima War Cemetery after the Second World War. Antique arms, ceremonial drums and other Naga culture objects are exhibited in the Nagaland State Museum.

In Peren district in Nagaland, Benreu is a tourist village at 7000 ft.

Benreu Attractions

If you want to encounter something that’s untouched and enjoyable, then Benreu is a place that you might want to explore at your own speed, in the Peren region of Nagaland.

Benreu is a must-visit for all lovers of nature, full of the untamed wild nature. The basic but amazing stuff you would most be moved by about this place. And Benreu as a tourist destination is best because not much has yet been discussed. And not to mention, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to click here on some of your most stunning snaps.

Benreu is best visited between October and May. The overall weather patterns during this period are very pleasant for trips and sightseeing.

Benreu Tourism

Major Attractions in and Around Benreu

1. Meluri. This location is surrounded by lush green hills that make this one of Benreu’s most beautiful sites to visit. This place’s wonderful beauty would blow your mind away.

2. Shilloi Lake. This is a really fun place for families and friends to enjoy. The Shilloi Lake is uniquely shaped as a footprint, making it one of Nagaland’s only locations to explore. This position is situated between the lovely low hills. Were you aware that this lake historically even had to do with superstition and tabus?

3. Tuensang. This location is known after Dimapur, Kohima as one of Nagaland’s major urban centres. A travel to this location would be an unforgettable experience.

How to Reach Benreu

Benreu is a kind of trip where you would dream to enjoy real time with your loved ones, surrounded by infinite natural sights. It is around 2,008, 2,790 and 944, 2720 km, respectively, from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. You can fly by public transit to Benreu here.

By Air.  It is located 105 kilometers from Dimapur’s closest airport (DMU). It is considered the only civil airport in Northeast India. It was built during the Second World War. It is well connected by direct and linking flights to other Indian cities. You will take a taxi or a bus to reach your destination when you deboard at the airport.

By Train.  Dimapur Railway Station, on the Lumding-Dibrugarh line, is the closest railway station. It’s well linked with other Indian towns so you won’t have any trouble traveling from major Indian towns. When you are at the station, take a taxi to your destination or some other form of local transportation.

By Road.  Profit from the fact that Benreu is a village, the scenery here can be often erratic, so you must not ride on the road without adventure. Another factor many visitors consider twice before they fly here is the lack of decent highways. But if you want to ride on road, all the challenge will eventually be worth it, that’s the charm of the lovely village.

From Dimapur – 110 km via NH29

From Kohima – 128 km via NH29

From Imphal – 222 km via NH2

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In the state of Nagaland, Benreu is a rich cultural village. It is located at an altitude of 1,950 feet. It’s in the district of Peren.

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