July 19, 2024

6 Amazing Places to Visit in Kallakurichi


Top Tourist Attractions in Kallakurichi

Kallakurichi is the administrative seat of the Tamil Nadu district and is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kallakurichi is a new agricultural district in the area. It’s also known as “Agriculture’s Home.” In this town, there are over ten rice processing facilities or contemporary rice (mills), both small and large. Textiles, jewellery, and agricultural feeds are all significant industries.

Best Places to Visit in Kallakurichi

  1. Thirukkoilur Ulagalanda Perumal Temple
  2. Thirunarungondai
  3. Melnaariyappanoor Church
  4. Thirukkoilur Ulagalanda Perumal
  5. Thirunarungondai
  6. Kalvarayan Hills

Kallakurichi is the district headquarters of the Kallakurichi District, which was formed on September 22nd, 2019 from the former composite Viluppuram District. It is located in the centre of the Chennai – Selam National Highways. It is well linked by rail and road, and Chinnaselam Railway Station is nearby. From here, one may travel to any region of Tamil Nadu as well as the rest of India. This region is home to a number of tourist attractions that are over 100 years old. Temples, masques, and cathedrals that are centuries old and well-known may be found in the region. We cordially invite you to see the tourism attractions in our region.

Thirukkoilur Ulagalanda Perumal Temple

It is 37 kilometres from Viluppuram and is on the Cuddalore-Chittoor trunk route. Ulagalanda Perumal (Thiruvikrama Swami) and Pushpavallithayar are the presiding deities of the Vishnu Temple. Kabilar Kundru is another picnic site in Thirukkoilur, located in the midst of the Pennayar River. Kabilar was a saint here, and the state Archaeological Department looks after his last resting place.


It is located 16 kilometres northwest of Ulundurpet and 21 kilometres east of Thirukkoilur. A Jaina cave and two temples dedicated to Parsvanatha and Chanraprabha may be seen on a hillock near the settlement. In the eighth and ninth centuries A.D., the cave functioned as the monastery of the Virasangha monks. The temple has a large collection of bronze images. Annual celebration held on a huge scale (Jan-Feb) and attended by Jains from all across Tamil Nadu.

Melnaariyappanoor Church

The historic 100-year-old church is located on the Chennai-Selam route, 8 kilometres from Chinna Salem. The church was built by Kunchaan, a St. Anthoniyar follower. Melnaariyappanoor is a village panchayat near Chinnasalem in the Kallakurichi Taluk of the Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu. It is well-known for the shrine dedicated to Saint Antony of Padua, the King of Miracles. Every year on June 13, his feast is commemorated.

Kalvarayan Hills

Kallakurichi is located nearer to Kalvarayan Hills. During the monsoon season, the closeness of clouds falling at the summit of Vellimalai hilltop is a famous tourist destination for locals. Vellimalai is an undiscovered paradise. There are several communities on the Kalvarayan Hills’ peak and in the frigid conditions of Innaddu.

It is located on the western edge of the Kallakurichi Taluk and is part of the Eastern Ghats. This region is around 600 square kilometres in size, with elevations ranging from 1000 feet to 3800 feet above sea level. The history of Kalrayan Hills and its Jagirdars may be traced back to the reign of Krishna Deverayar, Emperor of the ‘Vijaya Nagar Kingdom.’ The tribes were granted the privilege to utilise this territory by Emperor Krishna Deverayar, but they were subjected to a slew of taxes.

Kalvarayan Hills

It is stated that warriors from the ‘KARALAR’ group came from Kanchipuram and lived in the Kalrayan hills. After a while, they overpowered the tribal people known as ‘Vedar’ (hunter) and married their wives. The communities of karalar and vedar, who are now known as ‘Malayalis,’ refer to themselves as ‘Goundars.’ Kalrayan Hills has several tourist potentials such as water falls, jungle streams, rivers and rivulets, and beautiful forest hikes. For hikers, the area is a true wonderland. It is also known as Tamil Nadu’s “poor man’s hill station.” Every year, the District Administration hosts the Summer Festival in order to raise awareness among the tribes.

Best Time to Visit in Kallakurichi

During the monsoon season, the closeness of clouds falling at the summit of Vellimalai hilltop is a famous tourist destination for locals.

How to Reach Kallakurichi


Chennai Airport (244 kilometres) and Puducherry Airport are the closest international airports (116km).


Chinnaselam Railway Station, which is well linked with Salem Junction and other areas of Tamil Nadu, is close to Kallakurichi.


The major National Highways NH79 and NH80 connect Kallakurichi to the rest of the country (West upto Salem). NH32 (North to Chennai) and NH38 (South to Eest through Ulundurpet) are two major highways in India.


The city’s main bus station lies in the centre of the city, with Mofussal and Town Bus routes connecting it to every location in the district.

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