May 30, 2024

4 Top Tourist Attractions in Churachandpur


Top Tourist Attractions in Churachandpur

Churachandpur is the administrative centre of the Churachandpur District in Manipur, India.

Best Places to Visit in Churachandpur

  • Khuga Dam
  • Ngaloi Waterfalls
  • Tribal Museum
  • Tonglon Caves

Khuga Dam

Khuga dam is a new dam located near the town of Churachandpur. It is located to the south of town. Construction began in 1983, but it was put on hold for many years until 2002, when it was restarted. Finally, Sonia Gandhi dedicated the dam in 2010. However, it has not yet reached its full potential. This dam is 38 metres high and 230 metres long. People come to this dam to marvel at and absorb nature’s beauties. It is not just a popular tourist destination, but also a favourite picnic site for residents.

Ngaloi Waterfalls

Ngaloi is a tiny town located 9 kilometres from Churachandpur. Ngaloimoul is its original name. Because of the Ngaloi Waterfall, it is a famous tourist destination. Low-lying mountains and lush vegetation create an ideal setting for a beautiful flowing cascade. White frothy water cascading over black boulders is complemented by a chilly mountain air.

Zogam Tribal Museum

The Hill Community Tribal Museum is a venue for persons who are interested in the history of the town. It provides students with in-depth understanding of early human settlements and tribal lifestyles of the inhabitants of this region. Though it is not a large museum, it does have a good collection of artefacts that originally belonged to traditional tribal people. Tribal clothes, religious accoutrements, cane and bamboo crafts, and a variety of other cultural objects are examples. The museum also has a large collection of antique decorations and weaponry.

Tonglon Caves

Manipur is well-known for its natural wonders, as well as its caverns. As many people are aware, it includes a number of ancient caverns that serve not only as tourist attractions but also as an essential connection for archaeologists in tracing the region’s past. Churachandpur’s most notable caverns are the Tonglon caves in Singngat sub-division. They are recognised as one of the town’s outstanding cultural and historical features. The carvings and sculptures found in these caverns provide an excellent glimpse into the early communities. The writings and engravings discovered here aided many historians in their understanding of Manipur’s history.

 Best Time to Visit in Churachandpur

The tribal town of Churachandpur may be visited at any time of year, although winter is considered the greatest season.

How to Reach Churachandpur


Imphal Tulihal International Airport is the closest airport to Churachandpur. Dimapur Airport is the next airport.


The nearest railway station is in Nagaland’s Dimapur town. Jiribam, Manipur, is another railhead, located 225 kilometres from Imphal.


National Highway No. 2 and NH 150/Tiddim Road from Imphal link Churachandpur with Guwahati (Assam) and Dimapur (Nagaland). Mizoram is also connected to Churachandpur through NH 150. People can also visit from Imphal through the NH 150/Tiddim Road, which runs daily passenger services from Imphal to Churachandpur. Imphal is 64 kilometres away.

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