September 19, 2021

5 Best Places to Visit in Wanaparthy


Top Tourist Attractions in Wanaparthy

Wanaparthy is a town in Telangana’s Wanaparthy district. Wanaparthy was the site of Telangana’s first polytechnic college. It is 149 kilometres from Hyderabad.

Best Places to Visit in Wanaparthy

  1. Sri Ranganayaka Temple.
  2. Ghanpur Fort.
  3. Pangal Fort.
  4. Wanaparthy Palace.
  5. Saralasagar Project.

Best Time to Visit in Wanaparthy


How to Reach Wanaparthy

Reach to Wanaparthy from Hyderabad by train :

Traveling by rail from Secunderabad/Kacheguda to Wanaparthy is possible. The road train from Kacheguda to Wanaparthy takes around 3 hours. You may take a train from Kacheguda to Wanaparthy Road and get off.

Shortest Distance: 160 km By Train

Reach Wanaparthy from Hyderabad by Drive/Car/Bus:

From Hyderabad to Wanaparthy, there are several direct buses. Telangana State Road Transport Buses are the buses in question. Wanaparthy is 3 hours and 30 minutes away by bus from Hyderabad. The quickest method to go to Wanaparthy from Hyderabad is to take a cab from Hyderabad to Wanaparthy, which takes 3 hours.

Reach Wanaparthy from Hyderabad By Air

The nearest airport (about 120 kilometres) is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad airport). You may take a private cab or taxi to get to Wanaparthy from here.


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