June 20, 2024

6 Best Places to Visit in Mahabubnagar


Top Tourist Attractions in Mahabubnagar

Mahbubnagar is a city in the Mahbubnagar District of Telangana, India, named for Mir Mahbub Ali Khan, the 6th Nizam. It is the administrative centre of Mahbub Nagar mandal, which is part of the Mahbub Nagar revenue division. With a total size of 39.64 km2, the city is also the largest in the district and the seventh most populated in the state.

Best Places to Visit in Mahabubnagar

  1. Mayuri Haritha Vanam (ECO PARK)
  2. Pillala Marri Tree
  3. Pedda Cheruvu
  4. Koilkonda Fort
  5. Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers
  6. Megalit Burials

Mayuri Haritha Vanam (ECO PARK)

Mayuri Central Plant Nursery, located on the outskirts of town, is poised to develop eco-tourism in the Mahbubnagar district. “We have begun removing the bushy trees and ancient Eucalyptus plantation that spans 12 acres at the Mayuri Nursery in order to transform it into an eco-tourism zone.” The major goal of the exercise is to increase urban lung space by enhancing vegetation and constructing leisure centres.

Places of Interest

The Following are the Places of Interest in MahabubnagarDistrict :

  • Pillala Marri Tree
  • PeddaCheruvu
  • Koilkonda Fort
  • Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers
  • Megalit Burials

Best Time to Visit in Mahabubnagar

The months of December and February are ideal for visiting Mahabubnagar.

How to Reach Mahabubnagar

Reach to Mahabubanagar from Hyderabad by train :

Traveling by train from Secunderabad/Kacheguda to Mahbubnagar is an option. The train from Kacheguda to Mahbubnagar takes around 2 hours. You may take a train from Kacheguda to Mahbubnagar and get off there.

Shortest Distance: 105 km By Train

From Mahbubnagar to Hyderabad, there are 5 direct train(s). Tungabhadra Exp Venkatadri Exp, Kacheguda Exp, and Kacheguda Exp, among others. A train from Mahbubnagar to Hyderabad takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. The fastest method to go to Hyderabad from Mahbubnagar is to take the Tungabhadra Exp from Mahbubnagar to Hyderabad, which takes 1h 30m. The cheapest method to go to Hyderabad from Mahbubnagar is to take the Tungabhadra Exp from Mahbubnagar to Hyderabad, which takes 1h 30m.

Mahabubnagar has four stations: Mahabubnagar Main Station, Yenugonda Station, Mahabubnagar Town Station, and Diviti Pally Station, which connect the city to all important cities in India, particularly in the south.

Reach Mahabubnagar from Hyderabad by Drive/Car/Bus:

You may go from Hyderabad to Mahabubnagar by automobile. It would take you about 2 hours 15 minutes to travel 97.24 kilometres from Hyderabad to Mahabubnagar. This distance is approximately 91 kilometres.

TSRTC, the state-owned bus company, runs buses from Mahabubnagar to Hyderabad, Gulbarga, Kurnool, Bangalore, Raichur, Kodada, Tirupati, Guntur, and Mumbai. This city is well connected to the surrounding communities. The NH 44 provides easy access to this location (which connects Kanyakumari and Varanasi). Choose from a variety of Mahabubnagar vacation options and have a great time.

Reach Mahbubnagar from Hyderabad By Air

The nearest airport (about 65–70 kilometres) is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad airport). You can take a private cab or taxi to get to Mahabubnagar from here.


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