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6 Best Places to Visit in Unakoti

Unakoti Tripura

Top Tourist Attractions in Unakoti


Unakoti is a district in the Indian state of Tripura. This district was formed on January 21, 2012, when Tripura added four additional districts, bringing the total number of districts in the state to eight. Its headquarters are in Kailashahar. Previously, the district was part of the North Tripura district.
Unakoti is known for its huge stone and rock-cut sculptures carved out of the hillside. It is home to India’s greatest bas relief sculptures. Unakoti literally means ‘One Less Than A Crore,’ and it is clear that these sculptures were created by highly trained artisans.

Best Places to Visit in Unakoti

  1. Maa Bhabatarini mandir, Kalishashon
  2. Bhabatarini Mandir, Kumarghat
  3. Chaturdas Devata Mandir
  4. Udayan Buddha Bihar
  5. Laxmi Narayan Mandir
  6. Unakoti Heritage Site

Maa Bhabatarini mandir, Kalishashon

Location :Kalishashon, Kailashahar.


Marshy area nourished by water from two streams, JarailCherra and BaguaCherra, whose water courses have intersected in the centre of the field. It is stated that 17 Moslems (Mia) were crossing this large water land by boat when their boats drowned in the water; since then, the place has been known as Sateramiar Hawar; formerly, it was densely forested with aquatic trees. Swarms of migratory birds from Siberia visit this location in the winter. The Tripura government’s forest department recommended making it a bird centennial.
Location : 9 km away from District Head quarter (Kailashahar).

Bhabatarini Mandir, Kumarghat

On the festival of Shivachaturdashi in 1981, it was founded. Near the Bhabatarini Temple, there is an Eco-Kid park, a Shiva temple, and an idol of Lord Buddha. During Shiva Chaturdashi and Kali Puja, thousands of religious people from all across the region visit the temple.Location: At Kumarghat, 26 Km from District Head quarter Kailashahar.

Chaturdas Devata Mandir

According to Kaliprasanna Sen, the author of the book RAJMALA, Kailashahar was an affluent janapath as well as the capital of Tripura. According to him, Maharaja Indramanikya erected the Rangauti Palace in Kailashahar. There is a large lake (Khaowrabil) occupying an area of 5 Sq. KM, which is known as Rajar Dighi, and well-planted poles surround the tank. This vast lake and an antique big banyan tree draw thousands of tourists from adjacent areas.

Recently, the Central and State Governments have taken the initiative to build a tourist resort with water sports facilities in Khaowrabil.

Location :Kailashahar.

Udayan Buddha Bihar

Located near the Pecharthal market square and the National Highway NH44. It was founded in the year 1933. The idol is fashioned of “Osto Dhatu,” an 8-metal alloy, stands 4.5 feet tall, and weighs 300 kilogrammes. Hundreds of devotees from the surrounding area gather during Buddha Jayanti and Buddha Purnima in April/May.
Location : At Pecharthal, 33 Km from District Head Quarter Kailashahar.

Laxmi Narayan Mandir

In 1964, KrishnanandaSevayet of Laxmi Narayan temple placed an icon of Lord Krishna. The temple is also listed as a monument under the Indian Antiquity Act. The main temple was built with financial aid from Tripura’s royal family. According to the mythology of the Bhagavata, the Tamal tree is closely related with Lord Krishna’s life sport, and it is likely that the sevayet planted the Tamal tree in front of the temple some 35 years ago with this in mind. The Tamal tree’s branches have grown so neatly that they resemble a Canopy, which is really appealing.

Every year, the Janmasthami and Durga puja festivals are celebrated with great reverence.

Location :Bhagaban Nagar, beside KailashaharDharmanagar Road. 5 km from District Head quarter (Kailashahar).

Unakoti Heritage Site

It is a ‘Shaiba’ (Saivite) pilgrimage that dates from the 7th to 9th century, if not earlier. The magnificent rock carvings, murals with their primal beauty, and waterfalls should not be missed. Unakoti means “one less than a crore,” and it is stated that several rock cut carvings may be found here. According to Hindu mythology, while Lord Shiva was travelling to Kashi with one crore gods and goddesses, he stopped for the night at this spot. He summoned all the gods and goddesses to rise before the sun and travel to Kashi.

Best Time to Visit in Unakoti

When is the best time of year to visit Unakoti? The best time to visit is from October through April. Every year in April, a large fair known as the Ashokastami Mela is conducted, which attracts thousands of pilgrims. In January, another smaller festival takes place.

How to Reach Unakoti

Tripura’s state capital, Agartala, is connected to the rest of the country by daily domestic flights. Regular bus service connects Kailashahar, the district headquarters of Unakoti District, with Agartala, a distance of 178 kilometres. Kumarghat, on the NF railway, is the closest train station, located 26 kilometres from Kailashahar. Regular bus routes link Kailashahar to Guwahati, Shillong, Silchar, and many other districts and sub-divisional towns across the state.

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