April 25, 2024

13 Awesome Places to Visit in Uttarkashi

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Uttarkashi is a Garhwal district in Uttarakhand state, India. Uttarkashi city is the main office of this district.

Uttarkashi is a city 155 miles from the Uttarkashi district headquarters in Rishikesh. On the banks of the Bhagirathi River is located the town. Uttarkashi is an important religious town. Here’s Lord Vishwanath’s famous temple. The town’s natural beauty is complete. There are rivers here coming from one side of the mountains and lush woods on the other side of the mountains. You may also take use of mountains here.

Mountaineering is another attraction in Uttarkashi. You may enjoy alpine hiking here. Har-ki-Doon, Dodital, Yamunotri and Gomukh can be used for mountaineering. The district of Uttarkashi, which comprises thousands of Hindus pilgrims every year, is located at the height of the Himalayan ranges and originates from both the Ganges and Yamunas. The settlement of Uttarkashi is on the main road to Gangotri, which is famous for its many temples. The area lies north and north-west of Himachal Pradesh State, Northwest Tibet, East Chamoli County, South-East Rudraprayag County, South-East Tehri Gardwal County and Southwest Dehradun County.

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How to Reach Uttarkashi :

By Rail:

The closest railway station is Dehradun. Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur are directly connected by train.

By Air:

Jolly Grant in Dehradun is the closest airport here. Delhi is a daily flight for Air India, SpiceJet, IndiGo and Jet Airways.

By Road:

Uttarkashi is linked by road to the country’s biggest cities. The bus from Delhi to Uttarkashi from the Kashmiri Gate. In addition, there is also a direct bus from Dehradun to Uttarkashi. Busses from Rishikesh are also available here

Places to Visit in Uttarkashi :

Gaumukh: Origin of Ganga

The glacier Gomukh is the source of the Bhagirathi river (Ganga). For Hindus, it’s a most sacred spot. There must be a bath for traveller who is coming here. Gangotri is 18 miles away. At Bhojbasa there is a tourist cottage 14 kilometres away, where travellers can stay and have dinner.

Vishwanath Temple

Lord Shiva is devoted to the old Vishwanath temple. The shrine is situated 300 metres away from the Uttarkashi bus terminal. We say that Parashurama established the temple and in 1857 AD the temple was restored by Maharani Kanti. The wife of Sudarshan Shah was Maharani Kanti. In this temple stands a Shivalinga. This temple must be seen by tourists that come to Uttarkashi.

Shakti Temple Devi Temple

Shakti temple lies on the right side of the temple of Vishwanath. In this temple is erected a giant tridge with 6 metre high diameter and 90 cm height. It’s iron in the top section and copper in the lower section. The demons were destroyed by the trident, as mythological, Goddess Durga (Shakti). Later in his name this temple was built here.

Seven Tal

Sat Taal is 7 lakes. It is 2 kilometres above Dharli in the vicinity of Harsil. This location is packed with natural beauty.

Kedar Taal

This pool is situated at an altitude of 15000 feet above sea level. There is a clear reflection of the Thalayasagar peak in it. There is no facility on the way to Kedar Tal. Therefore one should go here with complete preparation.

Nachiketa tal

This swimming pool is located 15000 metres above sea level. The Thalayasagar mountain is well reflected. On the road to Kedar Tal there is no facilities. You should thus go here with full preparedness.


The site is 6 kilometres from Gangotri Glacier. This site is situated. The view from here is really magnificent from the surrounding hill.


This site is 14 kilometres away from Uttarkashi. This is placed. Here was constructed a dam. This site has become a tourist attraction centre because of the dam. The dam is erected on the Bhagirathi River, known as the Maneri Bhali Project. Around Jamak, Kamar, Bhatasaur, etc., there are several minor hills around the city. A few of the sequences from the film Kabhi Kabhi Kabhi with Amitabh Bachchan Shashi Kapoor were shot at Maneri on the same dam. In Maneri nature may be enjoyed by tourists dropping at Chardham Yatra Stop in Gangotri.


The location is on the road from Maneri to Gangotri. Here’s a thermal spring. It is also possible to remain here in a restricted way.


At 3307m above sea level, this swimming pool is located. This swimming pool is set on all four sides by lush trees. A swarm of tourists is always here. Permission from the Forest Officer, Uttarkashi is necessary to kill fish in this pool.

Diayra buggyal

At a height of 10,000 feet above sea level this Bugyal is situated. From here, there is a pretty lovely view of the Himalayas. A little lake is also here..

Semmukhem Nagraj

Semmukhem Nagaraja is a frequently referred Nagatirtha among those devoted to him. In this region with natural beauty, Nagaraj has a wonderful temple.

Nehru Mountaineering Institute

The Institute was founded in 1965. In this institute, mountaineering is taught. A Himalayan museum is also available. Books, movies and mountain slides are at this museum. There’s a shop here, too. It is about objects for climbing. Location: Near Tehri Lake on National Highway No. 108. Nimindia.org Website. Time: 10 to 17 pm. Time: Closed Tuesday. Payment: adult Rs 5 and children Rs 2.