June 16, 2024

4 Best Places to Visit in Amethi


Top Tourist Attractions in Amethi


About Amethi

Amethi is the city in Uttar Pradesh in the Indian state. It is a big city in the district of Amethi, in Faizabad. The temple of Hanumangarhi lies near the city.

Best Places to Visit in Amethi

  1. Gadhamafi

In the village Madhopour and 7 kilometres from Gauriganj lies Gadhamafi dham. Hanuman and other idols are renowned for their idol. The Gadhamafi dham is located in Madhopur village, approximately 7 kilometres from Gauriganj. The idol of Load Hanuman, as well as other idols, are well-known.

Ulta Gadha Dham, also known as Garha Mafi, is located about eight kilometres from Gauriganj, on the Munshiganj route from Gauriganj, about three kilometres from the Darpipur intersection, and features a 55-foot upside-down statue of Shri Hanuman Ji.

2. Pateshwari Devi Temple

Pateshwari  Devi Temple is a famous temple of district Amethi.

3. Nandmahar Dham

In Gauriganj Nandmahar Dham is a well known site. Lord Shri Krishna, Lord Balram, Nand Baba and Vasudev ji are connected. Nandmahar Dham is a well-known attraction in Gauriganj. It has to do with Lord Shri Krishna, Lord Balram, Nand Baba, and Vasudev Ji.

4. Malik Mohd Jayasi Mazar

Malik Mohhmand Jayasi was a well-known mediaeval Indian Sufi saint. He’s from Jayas in Amethi District. Akhari Kalam and Padmavat were composed by him.

5. Mata Mawai Dham

Mata Mawai Dham is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Durga Ji in Mawai Village, Raibareli – Sultanpur Road, near Amethi district headquarters in Gauriganj, Uttar Pradesh, India.

6. Durgan Dham Temple

Durgan Dham Temple, also known as Durgan Mandir, is a Goddess Durga Mata temple in Uttar Pradesh, India, located in Lugri, Rohnsi Bujurg, Gauriganj, and Amethi districts.

Best Time to Visit Amethi

Amethi is best visited between October and March, when the city experiences winter. Even though December and January can be foggy, causing trains and flights to be delayed on occasion, the weather is nice and excellent for sightseeing.

How to Reach Amethi

The headquarter of district Amethi is  Gauriganj. which is connected through Rail and Road with neighboring districts -Raibareily, Pratapgarh,and Lucknow. Nearby district Sultanpur is connected by road only.Bus and Magic are available on this rout. Nearest airports of district Amethi are Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport Lucknow and Allahabad airport. Distance of Raibareily is 51 Km.Distance of Sultanpur is  40 Km. and Distance of Pratapgarh District is 82 Km. Distance of Lucknow is approximately 125 Km.

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