May 23, 2024

Top Tourist Places in Budaun

Budaun Tour

Top Tourist Attractions in Budaun


About Budaun

Budaun, a town and a headquarters of Budaun district, Uttar Pradesh, India, which was traditionally described by Badayu. It lies in the centre of Western Uttar Pradesh, close to the Ganges River. Four years from 1210 CE to 1214 CE under the tenure of the Sultan Iltutmish, Budaun was the capital of the Delhi Sultanate.

Best Places to Visit in Budaun


Sister Mumtaj Mahal Mausoleum Mrs Parwar Bano located in the Shekhupur Budaun district. Mumtaj Mahal Mahal


In 1094 Hijri was built by Roza Ikhlas Khan (1690). The Roza is around 152 ft in length and 150 ft in breadth and made of stones. This mausoleum is an unforgettable Mughal structure. In remembrance of her man, Nawab wife Ikhlas Khan has built a Roza (Ikhlas Khan). Known as the Roza of Ikhlas Khan. The tomb has not gained popularity like the Taj Mahal, it is a different thing.

Best Time to Visit in Budaun

The best times of year to visit Budaun for hot-weather activities, according to the beach/pool score, are late March to early May and early October to early November.

How to Reach Budaun


Instead of Badaun you can a get flight to Kheria Airport on regular basis.

badaun 149 km away

kheria airport (AGR), agra, uttar pradesh

badaun 220 km away

gwalior airport (GWL), gwalior, madhya pradesh


Regular trains to Badaun from other important cities in the country.

Railway Station(s): budaun (BEM)


There are regular bus services to Badaun from other big cities.

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