October 29, 2021

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Barabanki

Dewa Shareef Barabanki

Top Tourist Attractions in Barabanki

About Barabanki

In the state Uttar Pradesh state in India, Barabanki is a town and administrative headquarters in the District of Barabanki. The town of Lucknow (the State capital) lies around 30 km east of the town. Sufi St Waris Ali Shah is the heart of the town at Deva Sharif

Best Places to Visit in Barabanki

  1. Dewa Shareef
  2. Mahadeva
  3. Parijaat Tree
  4. Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple
  5. Sufi Saint Qazi Qutub Maqbara
  6. Badosarai
  7. Kintoor
  8. Satrikh
  9. Bhitauli
  10. Masauli

Best Time to Visit in Barabanki

All Time

How to Reach Barabanki

Air : 

The Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow is about 45 Kms from Barabanki.


The railways connect all Metro cities and the bulk of the State capitals of this nation with Barabanki come under the North-Eastern Railway Division. It therefore plays a key transit point east and northeast of India. The train station at Barabanki is 28 kilometres from Lucknow.


Three significant NH-28 national roads (West-NorthEast). NH-28C (Barabanki Leading) and NH-56 (Haidargarh Leading) to East Uttar Pradesh (Barabanki Leading).

Town Bus Stands offer Mofussal Routes and Local Routes. Since three NH pass, the availability of transit and connectivity to any major city or city in the state and neighbouring countries is unfailing. The city bus stop provides access by UPSRTC and its Undertaking Busses to all the minor cities and large district villages.


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