September 28, 2021

Top Tourist Attractions in Ballia

Surahatal Ballia

Top Tourist Attractions in Ballia


About Ballia

Ballia is one of Uttar Pradesh Districts, India. The district of Ballia is part of Azamgarh, east of Uttar Pradesh. Agriculture is the principal economic activity. City Ballia is the headquarters of the district and this district’s commercial market.

Best Places to Visit in Ballia

Surha Taal

You should visit the renowned sanctuary Surha Taal to start your day. You should always be leaving around 5.30 AM to observe several bird species here. Around 17 kilometres from Ballia this sanctuary is located. You’re going to see numerous Siberian migrating birds and other chilly locations. In the winter months, most of these migrating species are visible. You are quite likely to obtain a sight of the maximum of species when you visit the sanctuary early in the morning. At least an hour would be needed to experience this refuge.

Best Time to Visit Ballia


How to Reach Ballia

By Road:

Ballia has good road connections with major cities such as the Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Patna. From any of these routes, you may reach Ballia via road.

By Rail:

The city of Ballia is one of Ballia’s main train stations. However, Belthara Road, Rasra and Suraimanpur are also additional railway stations. Some of the trains such as Dadra express, Chauri Chaura and Ballia are specified.

By Air:

Patna and Varanasi are the nearest airport to Ballia. Patna airport is around 150 kilometres from Ballia, while Ballia is roughly 130 kilometres from Varanasi airport. The journey from each airport to Ballia takes approximately two hours.