October 16, 2021

6 Top Tourist Attractions in Lakhimpur Kheri

Dudhwa National Park Lakhimpur Kheri

Top Tourist Attractions in Lakhimpur Kheri

Lakhimpur Kheri

About Lakhimpur Kheri

In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Lakhimpur is a city and a municipal board in the Lakhimpur Kheri district. On the border with Nepal, Lakhimpur Kheri is the biggest district in Uttar Pradesh, India. The city of Lakhimpur serves as the country’s administrative capital. With a total size of 7,680 square kilometres, Lakhimpur Kheri district is part of the Lucknow division (2,970 sq mi). On the basis of 2001 census data, the national government classified Lakhimpur Kheri as a Minority Concentrated District, indicating that it need immediate assistance to enhance living standards and facilities.

The sole national park in Uttar Pradesh is Dudhwa National Park, which is located near Lakhimpur Kheri. Tigers, leopards, swamp deer, hispid hares, and Bengal floricans are just a few of the unique and endangered animals that call it home.

Best Places to Visit in K Lakhimpur Kheri

  1. Dudhwa Tiger Reserve
  2. Dudhwa National Park
  3. Kishanpur Sanctuary
  4. Dudhwa Jungle Lore
  5. Frog Temple
  6. Shiv Temple Gola Gokaran Nath (35 km from Lakhimpur enroute to Shahjahanpur)

Best Time to Visit in Lakhimpur Kheri

All weather is good for travel.

How to Reach Lakhimpur Kheri

The state capital, Lucknow, is 134 kilometres (77 miles) away from Lakhimpur (Kaiserbagh Bus Stand). UPSRTC Bus services make it easy to get there. Bus service, both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned, is quite regular and pleasant.


The UPSRTC runs a bus terminal in Lakhimpur and runs buses to Gola Gokarannath, Sitapur, Lucknow, Faizabad, Varanasi, Delhi, and Gorakhpur, among other places.


From Lucknow (Kaiserbagh Bus Station) to Lakhimpur, UPSRTC bus services are available.


Lakhimpur Kheri can be reached from Delhi, following Delhi – Muradabad – Bareilly – Shahjahanpur – Gola Gokarannath – Lakhimpur route (Distance: 425 km approx). Lakhimpur can also be reached from state capital Lucknow following Lucknow – Sitapur – Lakhimpur route (Distance: 135 km approx). Several Uttar Pradesh State Highways pass through Lakhimpur.


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