June 16, 2024

4 Top Tourist Attractions in Purba Medinipur (East Medinipur)

East Medinipur

Top Tourist Attractions in Purba Medinipur (East Medinipur)

Purba Medinipur district is a local government entity in West Bengal, India. It is the southernmost district of the Medinipur division, which is one of West Bengal’s five administrative divisions. Tamluk’s administrative centre.

Best Places to Visit in Purba Medinipur (East Medinipur)

  3. DIGHA
JUNPUT Junput is located 177 kilometres from Kolkata and 40 kilometres from Digha; it also has a lovely sea beach. The location has a stunning sea view and lines of casuarina trees. The beach is pristine. The State Government Fisheries Department cultivates and researches brackish water fish here. There is an Inspection Bungalow run by the Superintendent of Fisheries and a few private motels for lodging.

DIGHA Digha is the most prominent seaside resort and tourist destination in West Bengal, located south-west of Calcutta. It is 187 kilometres from Calcutta and is known as the “Brighton of the East.” It is ideal for a vacation. Digha has a modest grade and a 7-kilometer-long shallow sand beach with mild waves. The sea begins approximately a mile from the beginning of the beach in Digha. This location’s visual splendour is both appealing and enticing. The beach is surrounded by casuarina plantations, which add to the natural beauty of the area. These trees, in addition to adorning the sands, help to reduce erosion on the dunes. At Digha sea beach, one may see both dawn and sunset. Sunsets and sunrises shining off the saline seas of the Bay of Bengal seem like something out of a painting. The sea in Digha is calm and shallow for approximately a mile from the shore, making swimming relatively safe.

MUKTIDHAM The ‘Vivekananda Mission Ashram’ owns the Muktidham Temple. This temple complex includes the main shrine of Goddess Kali, as well as idols of Radha-Krishna, Hanumanji, and portraits of Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Saradamani, and Swami Vivekananda at her feet. The Lord Shiva temple is located just across from the main temple. The temple is surrounded by a well-kept flower garden, meadows, vegetable gardens, and so forth. The Temple’s entry Gate is built in the South Indian architectural style. The main temple and the gate are made of white marble stone. The foundation stone was placed on Buddha Purnima (15.05.1984) and opened on Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa’s birthday (18.02.1999). SHANKARPUR Shankarpur, located 14 kilometres east of Digha on the Digha-Contai Road, is a relatively new beach find. It is said to be Digha’s twin, located about 10 kilometres away. It provides almost all of the benefits of a private beach. This beach is also surrounded by casuarina plants. It also serves as a fishing port. Shankarpur grew into a seaside resort, complete with hotels, tourist lodges, and other amenities. Other lodgings include Fisheries Department Guest Houses, resorts run by Benfish, and modest private places to stay.

 Best Time to Visit in Purba Medinipur (East Medinipur) The winter season, from October to March, is the finest time to explore East Midnapore.

How to Reach Purba Medinipur (East Medinipur)

By Air

Purba Medinipur is around 136.9 kilometres from the nearest airport, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, India.

By Rail

By train, the distance between Kolkata and Purba Medinipur is around 92 kilometres. To go to Purba Medinipur, use an express or local train from Howrah Station. Purba Medinipur is 1 hour and 50 minutes away.

By Road

By road, the distance between Kolkata and Purba Medinipur is approximately 85.7 kilometres. Purba Medinipur can be reached in 3 hours by bus or vehicle from Kolkata via NH-6 (Mumbai-Kolkata Highway).

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