September 19, 2021

37 Top Tourist Attractions in Bankura


Top Tourist Attractions in Bankura

Bankura is a municipality and a city in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the administrative centre of the Bankura district. Bankura is known across the world for the “Bankura Horse,” a terracotta-crafted horse, as well as Dashabatar Tash (the historic paintings). Bankura is known for its agriculture, particularly the massive output of ‘Mango’ and ‘Mustard.’ Bankura is home to a large number of terracotta and Dokra artists.

Best Places to Visit in Bankura

  1. Narasimha temple
  2. Susunia Hill
  3. Susunia Lipi
  4. Mukutmanipur
  5. Kangsabati Dam
  6. Pareshnath Shiv Mandir
  7. Deer Park
  8. Noadihi Sunset Point
  9. Ambika Temple
  10. Biharinath Hill
  11. Biharinath Temple
  12. Bishnupur
  13. Rasmancha
  14. Mrinmoyee temple
  15. Jorbangla Temple
  16. Shyam Rai temple
  17. Gar Darja
  18. Madanmohan Temple
  19. Jore Shreni Temple
  20. Poramatir Haat Area
  21. Archeological Museum
  22. Lalbandh – History remains in water
  23. Sareswar Temple
  24. Saileswar Temple
  25. Joyrambati
  26. Shri Shri Matri Mandir
  27. Puratan-Bari (Old House)
  28. Nutan-Bari (New House)
  29. Amodar Ghat
  30. Mayer Ghat
  31. Shri Shri Singhabahini Temple
  32. Shihar
  33. Jhilimili
  34. Jhilimili-Baro Mile Forest
  35. Sutan Lake
  36. Talberia Dam
  37. Rimil Eco Tourism Center

 Best Time to Visit in Bankura


How to Reach Bankura

By Air

The nearest airport to Bankura is Kolkata’s Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, which is approximately 212 kilometres away. You may then take a taxi, bus, or rail to Bankura.

By Rail

Bankura is 233 kilometres from Kolkata via rail. Bankura Junction railway station, on the Adra-Midnapore train route, is located in Bankura town, which is administered by the South Eastern Railways. Bankura is served by trains from Kolkata on a regular basis. Rupasibangla Exp (12883), Hwh Prr Exp (12827), Aranyak Express (12885), Pbr Kaviguru Exp (12950), Samarsata Exp (12152) are few of these trains. A rail ride from Kolkata to Bankura takes 3h 35m at the most.

By Road

It has good road connections to Kolkata and nearby towns such as Asansol, Durgapur, Burdwan, Panagarh, and other areas of the state.

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