April 13, 2024

7 Top Tourist Attractions in Begusarai


Top Tourist Attractions in Begusarai

Begusarai is the administrative centre of the Begusarai district, which is one of the Indian state of Bihar‘s 38 districts. The district is located on the Ganga’s northern bank. It is between the latitudes of 25.15N and 25.45N, and the longitudes of 85.45E and 86.36E. It was founded in 1870.

Best Places to Visit in Begusarai

Naulakha Temple

The Naulakha Temple is located in the Begusarai area of Bishanpur. It was erected in 1953 by the saint Mahavir Das.

Kabar Jheel

The Kabar Lake is one of the region’s most important natural resources. There are several concrete and intangible benefits that the lake provides to this. It is intertwined into the life of the inhabitants of this region, providing a variety of services to a variety of consumers and groups. The lake serves as a fishing spot for the local fisherman (mallaah). In the lake, both organised and unorganised fishing takes place, with the unorganised having a higher share.

Jai Mangla Garh

On an island near Kabar Lake, the village of Jai Mangla Garh is located. In the temple, Goddess Chandi Mangla Devi is housed as a black-colored goddess.

Archeological evidence show that the ancient temple belonged to the Pala dynasty period and was a fortified site encircled by a moat -Raman.


The Barauni Refinery was developed with the help of Russia and Romania. It was developed at a cost of Rs 49.40 crore and is located 125 kilometres from Patna. The Barauni Refinery was built in 1964.

Tourism Places.

  • Papharni Mandir
  • Jethore Nath Mandir
  • Chuteshwar Nath Temple

Best Time to Visit in Begusarai

All weather is good for travel.

How to Reach Begusarai

By Air

Begusarai, in the state of Bihar, is a fantastic place to visit. There are no flights to Begusarai from other cities in the nation. Patna Airport is the closest airport. Regular trains link Begusarai to the rest of the country’s major cities. Regular buses to Begusarai run frequently from all of the country’s main cities.

By Train

From Begusarai to Patna, there is/are some direct train(s). Koshi Exp (18697), Intercity Exp (15713), and Rajya Rani Exp (12567) are some of the train(s) under question.

By Road

It is 124 kilometres away from Patna and can be reached by bus or car.

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