September 17, 2021

12 Interesting Tourist Places in Korba


Top Tourist Attractions in Korba

Korba is a city and an industrial region in the Korba District of Chhattisgarh, India. Korba is commonly referred to be Chhattisgarh’s Industrial Hub. The area itself is well-stocked with all of the necessary raw supplies for power generation, such as coal and water. NTPC, KTPS, BALCO & BCPP, DSPM, CSEB East, CSEB West) collectively generate 3650 MW of power.

Best Places to Visit in Korba

  1. Chaiturgarh
  2. Kanki
  3. Devapahari
  4. Kosagaigarh
  5. Kendai
  6. Madwaarani
  7. Kudurmal
  8. Mouhargarh
  9. Pali
  10. Sarvamangala
  11. Sitamani
  12. Tuman

Best Time to Visit in Korba


How to Reach Korba

Korba district headquarters are around 200 kilometres from Raipur, the capital city.

By Train : 

The railway journey from Raipur Junction to Korba takes around 4 hours. Raipur (Jn.) – Bilaspur (Jn.) – Champa (Jn.) – Korba station is the train route.

By Road : 

By road, it takes around 5 hours to get from Raipur to Korba. Raipur – Bilaspur – Pali – Katghora – Korba is the route.


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