May 27, 2024

Top 5 Places to Visit in Bharuch


Top Tourist Attractions in Bharuch

Bharuch, historically known as Broach, is a city in Gujarat, India, located near the mouth of the Narmada River. The administrative capital of Bharuch District is Bharuch. The city of Bharuch and its environs have been inhabited since antiquity.

Best Places to Visit in Bharuch

  1. Narmada Park
  2. Swaminarayan Temple
  3. Bharuch Fort
  4. Neelkantheshwar Mahadev’s Temple
  5. Jama Masjid

Narmada Park

The park is located along National Highway No.8 on the bank of the Narmada River in Bharuch, India. It is ideal for spending time with family and friends in the evening. There are no admission costs to enter the park.

Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan Hinduism is one in which devotees worship Swaminarayan as the last manifestation of God. The number of adherents of the Swaminarayan faith is growing by the day, and Gujrat is where Sahajanand swami has resided. As a result, there are a lot of Swaminarayan devotees in this area. The mandir is lavishly decorated with magnificent carved pillars, magnificent archways, excellent balconies, and delightful idols. It is a popular destination for travellers visiting Bharuch. BAPS is in charge of managing and administering this mandir. This spectacular edifice is more than just a temple for the inhabitants of Bharuch; it is also a terrific venue for a fun family weekend.

This mandir spans 18 acres and is surrounded by magnificent nature. Its grounds have several wonderful eateries that serve good food after paying tribute to the almighty. Visitors are also expected to follow specific rules when visiting the temple, such as turning off their phones, wearing suitable clothing covering their shoulders and knees, removing chappals outside the mandir, and abstaining from touching sensitive carvings inside the temple.

Bharuch Fort

The majestic Bharuch fort (Lallubhai Haveli) is built on a hilltop and overlooks the Narmada river. This one-story structure was built in 1791 A.D. by Lallubhai, an ex-Divan of the erstwhile Nawab of Broach. As a result, the fort is also known as Lallubhai Haveli. On the second storey, there is a tiny ‘bungli’ (chamber) with provisions for storing matchlock firearms. The fort’s exterior is adorned with ornate and expensive wood carvings. There are also underground tunnels.

The Collector’s office, Civil Courts, the Old Dutch factory, a church, the Victoria Clock tower, and other structures are housed within the fort. There are several early Dutch tombs about 3 kilometres from the fort, which are overseen by some Parsee Towers of Silence. The main attraction of the city of Bharuch is the Bharuch Fort. It was built in 1791 AD by Siddhraj Jaysinh, one of the Solanki dynasty’s prominent emperors. After ascending the fort, one may get an overhead glimpse of the lovely Narmada River. The fort’s architectural style is highly unusual, and some of the stunning wooden carvings here captivate tourists.

Neelkantheshwar Mahadev’s Temple

Neelkantheshwar Mahadev’s temple, located on the banks of the Narmada River, is a focus of attraction (devotion) for the people of Bharuch.

Another temple near this one houses the massive statue of Lord Hanumanji. This service is also provided so that people may access Mahadev’s banks and devotees can get “Darshan” of Narmada’Maiya. Special religious programmes are held here throughout the month of Shravan.

Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid is located on the hills of Bharuch Fort. The masjid is said to have been erected in the 14th century AD. The mosque’s most significant feature is that it was built from the ruins of an old Jain temple. In terms of building style, the mosque resembles a traditional mosque.

 Best Time to Visit Bharuch

Bharuch is best visited between October and March.

How to Reach Bharuch

How to reach Bharuch by Air

Travelers may fly into Surat airport, which is 69 kilometres away, to get to Bharuch. It is also possible to fly into Vadodara airport, which is a domestic airport close by. Tourists may easily reach the location by using a local cab or bus. The cost of an airline ticket, as well as a bus or taxi ride, is reasonable, allowing anybody to visit this location.

How to reach Bharuch by Rail

Bharuch Railway Station is well connected to all major cities and towns by train. Tourists will find it easy to get to the location, which will make their trip more pleasurable. Tourists can afford the rail fairs since they are inexpensive. People may simply take a local bus or cab to go to the city.

How to reach Bharuch by Road

The bus commuting service in Bharuch is excellent. Tourists may easily access the location by using tourist, luxury, or state bus services. Tourists will find it easy to go to the location because the buses are pleasant. Ahmedabad (203 km), Shirdi (359 km), Mumbai (399 km), and Pune are all close to Bharuch (464 km).

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