September 28, 2021

3 Top Tourist Attractions in Aravalli


Top Tourist Attractions in Aravalli

Aravalli district is a district in Gujarat, India, that was established on August 15, 2013, and is the state’s 29th district. The Sabarkantha district was divided into this district. Modasa is home to the district headquarters. The Arvalli district is located in the centre of the Aravalli hill range and is known for its natural beauty and forestry. Pilgrims like Tirthatham Shamlaji, who are located on the banks of the river Meshwo, are among the old pilgrims and historic landmarks.

Shamlaji refers to the Kaliya Thakor pilgrimage. Shamlaji is a unique pilgrimage with natural beauty in the Aravalli hill range next to the Gujarat border in the Bhiloda taluka of the Aravalli district. Every year on Kartiki Poonam / Dev Diwali, Shamlaji hosts a magnificent fair. This great fair represents the whole tribal community.

Best Places to Visit in Aravalli

  1. Zanzari Waterfall
  2. Shamlaji Temple
  3. Devni Mori

 Best Time to Aravalli


How to Reach Aravalli

By Air

Ahmedabad, which is 123 kilometres from Arvalli(Modasa), is the city’s nearest airport. A number of planes travel in and out of the city, linking it to other regions of Gujarat and the country.

By Train

Arvalli (Modasa) is part of the Indian Railways’ Western Railway network. Local trains run on a regular basis and are solely appropriate for travel between Modasa and Nadiad.

By Road

Arvalli(Modasa) is well connected to the rest of the country by road. The city is also connected by an excellent network of national and state highways.

The State Transport Corporation provides buses that connect Arvalli (Modasa) to all of Gujarat’s main cities and towns, as well as other parts of the nation.