May 30, 2024

4 Best Places to Visit in Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh

Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh

Top Tourist Attractions in Bilaspur Himachal

Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh

Bilaspur is a town and a municipal council in the Himachal Pradesh state of India’s Bilaspur district. The Bhakra Dam, which is erected on the Sutlej River, is the most renowned feature in Bilaspur. The concrete dam, which was built in 1963, is India’s biggest dam. It is spread across an area of 168 km in the middle of lush hills and gives a magnificent view of the entire Bilaspur hill station.

Best Places to Visit in Bilaspur Himachal

Kandrour Bridge

On National Highway No. 88, 8 kilometres from Bilaspur, lies the stunning and interesting Kandrour Bridge. It is located on the other side of the Satluj River. Its construction began in April of 1959 and was finished in 1965. The bridge has a span of about 280 metres, a width of about seven metres, and a height of about 80 metres over the lowest river bed below, making it one of the world’s tallest bridges. For its height, it is ranked #1 in Asia. It is a magnificent engineering accomplishment that connects Bilaspur, Ghumarwin, and Hamirpur districts. The pillars that hold the bridge have been hollowed out.

Sri Naina Devi Ji

Shri Naina Devi Ji is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most famous places of devotion. It is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths where Sati’s limbs landed on Earth, and it is located in the district of Bilaspur. This sacred site attracts a large number of visitors and devotees throughout the year, but notably during Shravan Ashtami and the Chaitra and Ashwin Navratras. During Chaitra, Shravan, and Ashwin Navrati, a special fair is held, attracting millions of tourists from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and other parts of the nation.

Gobind Sagar Lake

The Gobind Sagar on the Sutlej River was formed by the massive Bhakra hydel dam and is named after Gobind Singh, the Tenth Sikh Guru. The Bhakra is one of the world’s tallest gravity dams, rising 225.5 metres above its lowest foundations. This dam provides energy and water to a vast region today. The Gobind Sagar reservoir is 90 kilometres long and covers an area of around 170 square kilometres.

Bhakra Dam

The Bhakhra Dam, the world’s highest straight gravity dam, is located in Naina Devi Sub-Tehsil, about 14 kilometres from Nangal town, and is the most visited tourist attraction.

Bhakhra is a highly important tourist destination in India, and the late Prime Minister Mr. Nehru correctly defined it as a “New Temple of Resurgent India.” The project’s administrators have established a Public Relations Office in Nangal Township, which offers tourists with the required assistance and direction.

Best Time to Visit Bilaspur Himachal

The best time to visit Himachal is from February to June (Spring and Summer). Winters are the most pleasant and popular time to visit, lasting from October to February during the snowy season.

How to Reach Bilaspur Himachal

Buses are the sole method of public transportation available in the area, and they travel from all major towns both inside and outside the state. Bilaspur is located on the Chandigarh Manali Highway (NH-205). Shimla, the state capital, is 86 kilometres distant, while Delhi is 405 kilometres away. operators.

Bhunter in Kullu District and Gaggal in Kanga District are the closest airports with daily scheduled flights. Manali, Himachal Pradesh’s most popular tourist destination, is 195 kilometres from Bilaspur. The district’s Zonal headquarters are located in Mandi, 70 kilometres distant. The state-owned HRTC runs the majority of the long-distance buses that serve Bilaspur, while private bus companies handle the local routes.

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