June 15, 2024

6 Best Countries To Travel in The Budget


6 best countries to be covered in the budget of Indians, where your foreign travel wishes will be fulfilled in less cost

Most of the people plan to travel the world. But to go outside the country, you have to think a lot. Many times people do not go abroad thinking that the expenses will be high. But if you get to travel abroad at a low cost, then what is the matter and in this way you will also have a good trip.  Find the details on Best Countries To Travel:

Best Countries To Travel in The Budget
Best Countries To Travel in The Budget


Budget travelers get a good chance to smile during a trip to Nepal, one of the cheapest places to visit in Asia. Tourists in Nepal get hotels to stay at very cheap prices as compared to other countries. Tourists can enjoy the delicious food of Nepal at cheap prices. Although the expenditure on some activities in Nepal trip is high but still a trip to Nepal is a low-budget trip. There are many attractive tourist places in Nepal, which are very much liked by the tourists of the country and abroad, if you want to go abroad for travel, and your budget is less, then you can go to Nepal. Which will also be within your budget and going here will also be a good experience. If you have planned your trip well then your 10 day trip from India to Nepal should be around 15000 rupees. Nepal is culturally rich and gives a new approach to travel.

Basantapur Durbar square, Kathmandu, Nepal

Pashupatinath Mandir Kathmandu Nepal
Pashupatinath | Images by Akriti Adhikari Kathmandu Nepal

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country included in the cheapest countries of the continent of Asia. Which seems to highlight the importance of natural treasures, beautiful sandy beaches and culture. The name of Sri Lanka has always been associated with the country of India, because Sri Lanka has been associated with India since the time of Ramayana period. Apart from India, the number of tourists going to Sri Lanka from other countries is very high. The most important reason for this is the cheapness of places to visit in Sri Lanka and the presence of beautiful tourist places. Hotels, Sri Lankan food and transportation facilities are cheap in Sri Lanka. The country of Sri Lanka, which is known for its beautiful coastlines, is quite cheap for your budget. Sri Lanka has beaches all around which is one of the most loved islands in the world. If you want to have a romantic holiday, then you will love this country.

sri lanka tour


Apart from historical places, there is no dearth of temples in Cambodia. A vacation of 3 to 4 days is enough to cover the special places here. Apart from roaming, there is so much variety of shopping and food in Cambodia which makes this place very different and special. Cambodia is currently known as the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia. Cambodia is counted among the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in the continent of Asia. You will find many other religious places to see here along with the Angkor Wat temple. Apart from this, you can also see beautiful mountains, rivers etc. There is no better place than this for a low budget foreign trip. So whenever you plan a budget friendly trip, then definitely include Cambodia in your list.


Thailand tourism is another popular and cheap South-East Asian country. Thailand has long been attracting low-budget travelers and is known for its exotic beaches, islands, forests and cultural tourist destinations. Travel to the country of Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Asia. Thai massages in Thailand are very famous, which a green tourist will definitely want to do once. If you ever get a chance, then definitely go on a trip to Thailand, the cheap country of Asia.

Thailand Flag
Thailand Tour ChaloGhumane.com
Thailand Tour


Indonesia has its own place in the travel of the cheapest countries in Asia. Many islands in the country of Indonesia are ready to welcome eager travelers and are also cheaper than other parts of the country. Seeing the brightness of Indonesia, it is very difficult to say that this country is so cheap compared to other countries. Indonesia’s nature beauty, culture, history, activities like nightlife attract everyone’s attention. Indonesia’s islands named Bali, Java and Sumatra cost very little, you can choose them. By choosing to travel to Asian countries like Indonesia, you can make your dream of traveling abroad come true even in low-budget.

Indonesia Map
Indonesia Travel
Indonesia Travel

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