September 17, 2021

Top 15 Tourist Attractions in West Singhbhum

West Singhbhum

Top Tourist Attractions in West Singhbhum

West Singhbhum, also known as Pashchimi Singhbhum, is one of Jharkhand’s 24 districts. It was formed on January 16, 1990, when the former Singhbhum district was divided. The district headquarters are at Chaibasa.

Best Places to Visit in West Singhbhum

  1. Sahid Park Chaibasa
  2. Bidri
  3. Chainpur
  4. Hirni
  5. Jagannathpur
  6. Jojohatu
  7. Kera
  8. Kotgarh
  9. Lupungutu
  10. Mahadebsal
  11. Ponga
  12. Porahat
  13. Ramtirtha
  14. Tholkobad
  15. Benisagar

Best Time to Visit in West Singhbhum


How to Reach West Singhbhum


West Singhbhum’s district headquarters, Chabasa, is accessible by NH-20 from Ranchi. By bus, journey time is around 5 hours and 30 minutes, and nonstop travel time is 3 hours and 30 minutes. The other option is to travel through the NH-6 Jamshedpur-Hata Road, which takes around 1 hour 45 minutes.


There are no direct trains from Ranchi to Chaibasa, however a few trains run via Tatanagar Railway Station.


There are no direct flights from the United States to Chaibasa. Jamshedpur (Sonari Airport) is the closest airport, at a distance of 62 kilometres from Chaibasa, and Ranchi (Birsa Munda Airport), at a distance of 138.2 kilometres from Chaibasa.

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