September 19, 2021

24 Top Tourist Attractions in Davangere


Top Tourist Attractions in Davangere

Davanagere, also known as Bennenagari, is a city in Karnataka, India’s southernmost state. It is the state’s seventh biggest city and the administrative centre of the eponymous Davangere district. Davangere Cotton Mills is a well-known brand. Davanagere is also known for its delectable Benne Dosa, a crispy version of Dosa with large amounts of butter, which is best served with a spicy chutney and potato palya (curry)

Best Places to Visit in Davangere

  1. Santhebennur Pushkarani
  2. Shanthi Sagara Lake
  3. Kalleshvara Temple Bagali
  4. Harihareshwara Temple
  5. Kondajji
  6. Belagutti
  7. Chennagiri
  8. Honnali
  9. Kuruva Island
  10. Santhebennur
  11. Durgamma Temple
  12. Veerabhadra Temple
  13. Rajanahalli
  14. Thirtharameswara
  15. Anekonda
  16. Anagod
  17. Balleshwara
  18. Hodigere
  19. Joladhalu
  20. Kalkere
  21. Mayakonda
  22. Nanditavare
  23. Musafirkhana Mosque
  24. Shankaranahalli

 Best Time to Visit in Davangere


How to Reach Davangere

Davanagere is well connected to the rest of Karnataka by train and road. Davanagere is located 262 kilometres north of Bengaluru.

By Air

The closest airport to Davanagere (134 km) is Jindal Vijayanagara, however it only offers a few flights. The next nearest airport is Hubballi, which is 160 kilometres away. Bengaluru and Mangaluru, both around 270-280 kilometres from Davanagere, are these well-connected international airports.

By Train

Bangalore, Mysore, and Hubli are all accessible by train from Davanagere.

By Road

Davanagere offers good bus connections to all of Karnataka’s main cities. To visit nearby sites, taxis may be rented at Davanagere, Harihara, Honnali, nyamathi, or Channagiri.

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