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4 Top Tourist Places in Palakkad

Nelliyampathy Hill Station Palakkad

Top Tourist Attractions in Palakkad


Palakkad, often known as Palghat, is a city in Kerala, India’s southern state. The Palakkad Fort, built in the 18th century, contains strong battlements, a moat, and a Hanuman shrine on its grounds. The 15th-century Viswanatha Swamy Temple, located on the Kalpathy River, is the principal location of the famed Ratholsavam chariot festival. The town of Malampuzha, near Malampuzha Dam, contains a rock garden made of recycled materials.

Kalpathy is the only Heritage Village in Kerala, and it is known for its distinctive architecture, music, and chariot festival. Visit the Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Vishwanatha Swamy temple and the village to learn about the famous Palakkad Brahmins’ lives, culture, festivals, and cuisine.

Best Places to Visit in Palakkad

  1. Nelliyampathy Hill Station
  2. Silent Valley National Park
  3. Palakkad Fort
  4. Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary


Nelliyampathy Hill Station is located at a height of 467 to 1,572 metres above sea level. Trekkers would love this hilly settlement. Location: 65 km from Palakkad (Trichur-Nemmara-Vadakkenchery-Nemmara route); 25 km departure from Nemmara. Attractions/Sight Seeing Points: Sitharkundu viewpoint, Manpara viewpoint, Kesavanpara viewpoint, Victoria Church Hills, Karappara Dam site Trekking options include Hill Top (through Lilli) at 6 kilometres, Karassuri (near Anamada) at 13 kilometres, and Parambikulam at 20 kilometres (Subject to permission from Forest Division) Tea/Cardamon/Coffee/Plantations-Orange &Vegitable Farm of Agriculture Department/Pothundy – earth dam and garden on the way to Nelliyampathy

Palakkad Fort

Fort Palakkad: (Open 0800-1800 hrs) The mediaeval fort in the middle of Palakkad town is one of Kerala’s best preserved. Hyder Ali of Mysore erected it in 1766, and the British took possession and modified it in 1790. The Archeological Survey of India is presently in charge of preserving it. The main entrance of the Fort is flanked by a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Inside the Fort, there is also an archaeology museum. A moat surrounds the fort. In the morning and evening, a jogging track parallel to the moat is offered for jogging. The entire region has been meticulously planted.


The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary: (98 km from Palakkad) The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers an area of 285 square kilometres, is home to several uncommon wild creatures. The tree home in Thunakkadavu’s reserve forest area must be reserved in advance. One of the world’s oldest and largest teak trees can be found here. The Kannimara Teak, which has a girth of 6.57 m and a height of 48.5 m and is claimed to be 360 years old, is a remnant of the wild teak that grew in this area, which is now home to planted teak plantations. The Parambikulam Reservoir has boating/cruising opportunities. The State Forest Department’s Rest Houses in Thunakkadavu, Illikkal, and Anappady provide lodging.

Silent Valley National Park

National Park of Silent Valley (40 km northwest of Mannarkkad) The 89.52-square-kilometer national park is thought to be the last remaining patch of evergreen forest in the Sahya Ranges. The Silent Valley Forest is unique in that it is devoid of cicadas’ chirping. Vehicle transportation is only available up to Mukkali, which is about 24 kilometres from the park.

The remaining distance must be traversed on foot, up to the source of Kunthipuzha, which runs through the valley before joining with the Bharathapuzha River. The Silent Valley National Park, India’s last significant tract of tropical evergreen woods, is the closest thing to a virgin forest in the entire Western Ghats. Its rough terrain and isolation provide safe haven for a huge variety of wild species.

Best Time to Visit Palakkad

From November to February is the finest season to visit Palakkad. Winter is the greatest time to visit because there is less rain and the temperature is pleasant.

 How to Reach Palakkad’


Air: Nearest Airport: Coimbatore (55 km)

Rail: The Southern Railways’ Palakkad Junction Railway Station (5 km from the city) is a significant rail hub.

Road: Palakkad is connected by an excellent network of roads to all the major cities in India.

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