September 24, 2023

4 Top Tourist Attractions in Datia


Top Tourist Attractions in Datia Madhya Pradesh

Datia is primarily known for the Pitambara Peeth, a well-known shaktipitha near the city’s entrance. Shri Golokwasi Swamiji Maharaj built Bagalamukhi Devi Temple and Dhumavati Mai Temple at this pilgrimage site. The Mahabharat era shrine of Lord Shiva, Vankhandeshwar, is also located here.

Best Places to Visit in Datia

Pitambara Peeth Datia

Near the city lies the “Peetambra Peeth.” Peetambra Peeth is the country’s most famous “Sakti-Peeth.” At this location, Sh. Golokwasi Swamiji Maharaj created “Bagla Mukhi Devi” and “Dhumawati Mai.” One of Shiva’s Mahabharat-Kaleen temples is Vankhandeshwar Temple at Peetambra-Peeth.


Ratangarh Mata Mandir is 5 kilometres from Rampura village and 55 kilometres from Datia, Madhya Pradesh (India). Every year, thousands of devotees go to this temple to seek the blessings of Maa Ratangarh wali and Kunwar Maharaj. Every year, on the day of Bhai Dooj (the day after Diwali), hundreds of thousands of devotees flock to this temple to seek the blessings of Mata and Kunwar Maharaj. This holy site is easily accessible from Gwalior and Datia.


Sonagir is a famous pilgrimage of the Jains, who come in large numbers annually to worship at these beautiful temples. There Sonagir is a well-known Jains’ pilgrimage site, with thousands of Jains flocking here each year to worship in these magnificent temples. There are over a hundred temples, which draw visitors and tourists from all over the world. Sonagir is located at 15 Km. from Datia and is connected by Road and Train.

Unao Balaji Sun Temple

Datia is 15 kilometres from Unao. Balaji Temple is an ancient temple that is claimed to date back to prehistoric times. Pilgrims come from all over the world to see the Balaji Sun Temple. There is a tank nearby that is claimed to contain sacred water, and it is widely believed that lepers who bathe in these waters are healed of their dreadful disease. Balaji-Dham is another name for this place. Only a road connects Unao to the rest of the world.

Best Time to Visit Datia

The best months to visit Datia are August, September, October, November, and December.

How to Reach Datia

By Air

There are no frequent flights from the country’s other main cities to Datia. Gwalior Airport is the closest airport.

Datia 67 km away
from Gwalior Airport (GWL), Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Datia 172 km away
from Kheria Airport (AGR), Agra, Uttar Pradesh

By Rail

Regular trains link Datia to the rest of the country’s major cities.

Railway Station(s): Datia (DAA), Sonagir (SOR)

By Road

Buses to Datia run frequently from all of the country’s main cities.

Bus Station(s): Datia


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