May 29, 2024

2 Fabulous Places to Visit in Katni


Top Tourist Attractions in Katni

Katni is a city in Madhya Pradesh, India, located on the banks of the Katni River. Katni District’s administrative headquarters are located here. It is located in central India’s Mahakoshal area. The city is 90 kilometres from the region’s divisional headquarters, Jabalpur.

Best Places to Visit in Katni


Vijaraghavgarh, 33 kilometres from Katni, is a historical site that is 350 metres above sea level. Prince PRAYAGDAS established a new town between MAUJA, PADRIYA, and LOHARWADA and built a shrine to Lord VIJAYRAGHAV, and the fort was named VIJAYRAGHAVGARH. The new town bears the same name as the old one.

A court is accessible on one side of the fort, and on the other side is a gorgeous structure known as RANGMAHAL. There are stones throughout the fort created by KARITALAI. In the Katni region, this is the most magnificent fort.


Roopnath is a pilgrimage site 3 kilometres from Bahoriband where there is a PANCHLINGI (five lingam) statue of Lord SHIVA. There are three KUNDS (tanks) one above another on a standing stone water is there all the time. The lowest one is named SITA KUND, the next above it is known as LAXMAN KUND, and the topmost is known as LORD RAM. A 232B.C. verse has been painted on a large stone.

Following Buddhism requires some sort of order, such as that expressed in Pali language. It chronicles Ashoka’s 212 years of Buddhist practise, yet little has been accomplished thus far. Four antique sculptures have been taken from the mountain one kilometre from ROOPNATH in Sindursi village, and this area is known as JOGINI KA STHAN (place of Jogini). It is thought that the statues are related to monarch JAINAT or SARVANTH of the 6th century.

Best Time to Visit Katni

Katni is one of the most beautiful tourism sites in Madhya Pradesh, attracting a huge number of visitors every year. However, a substantial number of tourists visit Katni during the winter season when the weather is beautiful and cool, allowing them to explore the town.

How to Reach Katni

By Air

Katni does not have access to an airport. The nearest airport is in Jabalpur, around 107 kilometres away from Katni. By means of MP State Highway 10, the Khajuraho Airport is around 167 kilometres from Katni.

By Rail

Rail Connectivity –
Through train connectivity, Katni is well connected to nearly every part of India.

The Railway Code of Katni is KTE. There are other railway stations also in the city-

  1. Katni Mudwara – KMZ
  2. Katni South – KTES

Katni is a train station in the West-Central Railway Zone. Area Manager is the administrative head of Katni Railways. This zone’s DRM is located in Jabalpur.

By Road

The Roads are well-connected to Katni. The city is bordered on both sides by state and national highways. Buses from many cities arrive at Katni.


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