September 19, 2021

5 Amazing Places to See in Gadchiroli


Top Tourist Attractions in Gadchiroli

Gadchiroli is a town and a municipal municipality in Maharashtra‘s Gadchiroli district in central India. It is the administrative capital of the district and is located on the eastern border of Maharashtra. The Wainganga is the major river that runs through the city. The woods of Gadchiroli are well-known. Teak is commercially cultivated, while bamboo is utilised in a variety of crafts.

Best Places to Visit in Gadchiroli

  1. Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Lok Biradari Prakalp Hemalkasa
  3. Wadadham Fossils Park
  4. Glory of Allapalli
  5. Markanda Deo Temple

 Best Time to Visit Gadchiroli


How to Reach Gadchiroli

The district seat is at Gadchiroli, which is 180 kilometres from Nagpur and 80 kilometres from Chandrapur, both of which are in the Vidarbh area. The district is well connected by district highways from the neighbouring districts of Bhandara, Chandrapur, and Nagpur. To go to Gadchiroli, it takes four hours from Nagpur and two hours from Chandrapur. Buses from the state and commercial companies are available for travel.
There is just one railway line in the region, which is 18.48 kilometres long. Gadchiroli city does not have a railway station, although there is one in the district at Desaiganj / Wadsa.

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