December 9, 2023

3 Awesome Places to See in Buldhana


Top Tourist Attractions in Buldhana

Buldhana is the district headquarters and the seat of the Buldhana Municipal Council in the Amravati division of Maharashtra, India.

Best Places to Visit in Buldhana

  1. Rajmata Jijau Birthplace, Sindkhed Raja
  2. Anand Sagar, Shegaon
  3. Lonar Crater Lake

Rajmata Jijau Birthplace, Sindkhed Raja

Jijamata (Rajmata Jijau) was born in the Buldhana area of Sindhkhedra on January 12, 1598. Rajmata Jijau was the Matoshree of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the Hinduvi empire’s founder. Today, this location is not just historically significant, but also a popular tourist destination. Jijau Maa Saheb was born at the Bhuikot palace on January 12, 1598. The Rajwada, which has an amazing grand entrance, is located in Sindhkhed Raja, on the Mumbai-Nagpur route. In the same municipality, a garden has also been constructed. This is Lakhujirao Jadhav’s place of devotion. This amazing marvel is larger than India’s whole Hindu Rashtra Samadhi. The palace of the palace is where Jijau played the colour. The marriage of ShahajiRaje and Jijau was addressed in this Mahal.

Here is the old temple of Nilkanteshwar, as well as the inscription engraved by King Lakhujirao Jadhav for the temple’s resurrection. In front of this temple is a huge bar with steps down to the bottom of the square. The Hemadpanthi Rameshwar Temple dates from the eighth to tenth centuries. Kalkoth was a remarkable example of the development of huge forts during the reign of Rajerao Jagadevrao Jadhav. The ageless walls of this magnificent and powerful structure are 20 feet wide and the same height. There is also a 40-foot-tall walled fort named Sachkarwada, which can be viewed from a junction, internal roadways, wells, sub-basement, and subway. As a result, the entry to this thing is likewise rather lovely.

Moti Lake is a great example of water irrigation and a great technique to release water for irrigation. The front half of this lake is constructed in the style of a fort, and the excavation area is advantageous. Aside from Chaitanya, the awning lake is a popular tourist destination. In the midst of the pond, a three-story structure has been constructed. This is a statue that has been constructed in a highly streamlined fashion. This signifies that the sculpture was created by combining a number of idols and sculptures. There is also a bhajnabai well; back then, water was provided by well-drained canals, and there is a ladder to the bottom.

Anand Sagar, Shegaon

Shegaon and the surrounding region have a paucity of water, hence Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon saw the need for a lake with plenty of water in Shegaon to assist alleviate the scarcity of water. With this goal in mind, Shree Sansthan built an artificial lake at Shegaon by pumping water from the Man River (9 kilometres distant) into the Anand Sagar lake. However, the monthly cost of Rs. 50 Lakh for this reason put a financial strain on Sansthan. Even then, the Sansthan carried out the Anand Sagar Lake project to raise the water table in Shegaon’s surrounding districts. Furthermore, the Shree Sansthan has chosen to turn this lake and its surrounding region into a unique blend of spirituality and amusement park for devotees who make a minimal gift. And the income generated would aid in dealing with the water crisis.

With Shree’s blessings, Shree Sansthan’s most creative initiative, Anand Sagar, came into being with this lofty goal and aim.

Lonar Crater Lake

Lonar Lake is a lagoon lake in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district. It was formed as a result of a meteorite. It is the basalt rock’s only major hoverback. It has alkaline water. Lonar Lake has been designated as a Wildlife Sanctuary in order to protect and preserve the lake. Around 1250 years ago, temples were built. 15 of these temples are reversed. The lake is thought to have formed 52,000 to 6,000 years ago. However, according to a study article released in 2010, the lake’s age is estimated to be 570,000 47,000 years. The Smithsonian Institution, the United States Geographic Survey, and the Geological Society of India, as well as the Physical Study Laboratory of India, have all conducted extensive research on this lake.

 Best Time to Visit Buldhana

Buldhana is best visited between October and March.

How to Reach Buldhana

By Road

Regular Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation buses can be boarded at any of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation bus stops. In Buldhana District, National Highway 6 goes through the Talukas of Khamgaon, Nandura, and Malkapur.

By Train

Malkapur, 45 kilometres from the district headquarters, is the nearest railway station. Bhusawal Division of Central Railway includes Malkapur, Shegaon, and Nandura railway stations. The nearest railway connections from the District headquarters are Bhusawal (101 km) and Akola (102 km).

By Air

Aurangabad District, 150 kilometres from the District Headquarters, has the closest airport. The distance between District Headquarters and Nagpur airport is 350 kilometres.

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