May 30, 2024

3 Top Places to Visit in Nanded


Top Tourist Attractions in Nanded

Nanded is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the state’s eighth biggest urban agglomeration and India’s seventy-ninth most populated city. In the Marathwada subdivision, it is the second largest city. Nanded is the administrative centre of the Nanded district. Nanded is a historically significant town in Maharashtra’s Marathwada area. It is located on the Godavari River’s north bank. Nanded is the administrative centre of the Nanded district. Because the 10th Sikh Guru (Guru Gobind Singh) made Nanded his permanent residence and transferred his guruship to the Guru Granth Sahib before his death in 1708, Nanded is a popular pilgrimage site for Sikhs.

Best Places to Visit in Nanded

Sachkhand Gurudwara of Nanded

Sachkhand Takhat Takhat Sachkhand Takhat Sachkhand Takhat Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib is Nanded’s major Gurudwara and one of the Sikhs’ five High Seats of Authority. This is where Shri GuruGobind Singhji took his last breath. Nanded Town is home to the Gurudwara. Between 1830 and 1839 A.D., Maharaja Ranjit Singhji, the Great Ruler of Punjab, constructed the Gurudwara. A variety of weaponry of various types are on display within the Gurudwara, which houses the mortal remains of the 10th Guru.

Mahur Gadh

A significant pilgrimage destination. It is regarded to be one of Maharashtra’s Shaktipith. The temple of Goddess Renuka Devi is located on a hilltop surrounded by natural beauty, around 2.415 kilometres from Mahur hamlet. The temple is thought to have been built by a Yadava monarch of Devgiri between 800 and 900 years ago. Every year on the day of Dasara, a large fair is conducted in Renukadevi’s honour.

Malegaon Yatra

Malegaon is part of the Loha Taluka. The hamlet is known for hosting a large fair in honour of Lord Khandoba. The “Malegaon Yatra” is a large fair conducted in Margashirshvadya 14 (December/January). Malegaon is located around 57 kilometres from Nanded. The fair’s animal market is well-known. Horses, asses, camels, and other animals are brought in huge numbers during the Fair. The Fair attracts tens of thousands of visitors.

Best Places to Visit in Nanded


How to Reach Nanded

By air:

Nanded is served by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Airport.

By Rail:

On the South Centre Railway, there is a station called Huzur Sahib Nanded.

By road:

Nanded bus station is located on NH222 in Nanded.

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