May 30, 2024

4 Top Tourist Attractions in Washim


Top Tourist Attractions in Washim

Washim is a city and a municipal council in the Washim district of Maharashtra, India. Washim is the administrative centre of the Washim district. Washim is the district’s major city. Washim City is home to a number of well-known hospitals, schools, colleges, and banks. It is particularly well-known for its Balaji Temple. There is also a railway junction there. Washim was formerly known as Vatsagulma, and it was the Vakataka dynasty’s seat of power. Sarvasena, Pravarsena I’s second son, was the founder of Vatsagulma, or Washim as it is known now.

Best Places to Visit in Washim

Poharadevi Temple

Poharadevi is one of Maharashtra’s most prominent and well-known pilgrimages.

Jain Temple Shirpur Jain

Shirpur is home to the Antariksha Parshwanath Jain Mandir. This temple attracts a significant number of Jain worshippers.

Gurudatta Temple Karanja

Shri Nrusimha Saraswati Swami Maharaj is Lord Dattatreya’s second avatar (incarnation) from Karanja, Lord Dattatreya’s birthplace.

Balaji temple

Balaji’s temple in Washim is quite old, and a large number of devotees come to pay their respects.

 Best Time to Visit in Washim


How to Reach Washim

By Road

Washim is connected to all of Maharashtra’s major cities via state highways. Washim-Mangrul Pir-Karanja-Ner-Yavatmal, Washim-Karanja-Amravati-Nagpur, Washim-Karanja-Amravati-Nagpur, Washim-Malegaon-Akola, Washim-Risod-Lonar-Sindhkhed Raja-Jalna-Aurangabad-Ahmednagar-Pune-

MSRTC ST Buses connect Washim to the rest of the city. Malegaon, Mangrulpir, Manora, Risod, Hingoli(district), Pusad (Yavatmal district) and more cities have Government ST buses. Washim is served by frequent buses from all of the country’s main cities. Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim

Buses from both the government and the commercial sector run on a regular basis, linking the area to major cities.

By Railway

Trains are also accessible to go to Washim Railway Station, which serves the destination. Washim is easily accessible by train from all of the country’s main cities. Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim, Washim (WHM).

By Air

Tourists may fly to Nanded Airport, which is the closest airport, to go to Washim. It is around 106 kilometres away.

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