September 28, 2021

13 Fantastic Places to Visit in Senapati

Senapati Manipur Tour

Top Tourist Attractions in Senapati

Senapati is the administrative centre of the Senapati district in the Indian state of Manipur.

Best Places to Visit in Senapati

Megalith Willong Khullen

Willong Khullen is a hamlet on the Maram-Peren Road, 37 kilometres (23 miles) from National Highway 2 (India) (Maram). It has a stone structure that looks a lot like Stonehenge. Seven metres tall and one metre thick are some of the tallest stones. Yangkhullen is a hilltop hamlet constructed on a steep incline.

Places of Interest in Senapati

  1. o Senapati
  2. o Maram Khullen
  3. o Yangkhullen
  4. o Mao
  5. o Liyai
  6. o Makhel
  7. o Dzuko Valley
  8. o Purul
  9. o Koubru Mountain
  10. o Sadu Chiru Water Fall
  11. o Koubru Laikha
  12. o Willong Khullen(Megalith)

Best Time to Visit in Senapati


How to Reach Senapati

  • Air

Imphal Tulihal Airport is the closest airport to Senapati. Dimapur Airport is the next airport.

  • Rail

The nearest railway station is in Nagaland’s Dimapur town. Jiribam, a tiny town in Manipur 225 kilometres from Imphal, is another railhead.

  • Road

National Highway No. 2 connects Senapati to Guwahati (Assam) and Dimapur (Nagaland) through road. People may also visit from Imphal by using the daily bus service from Imphal to Senapati, which runs on the same NH 2. Imphal is around 62 kilometres away.