April 13, 2024

5 Best Places to Visit in Tamenglong

Tamenglong Manipur Tour

Top Tourist Attractions in Tamenglong

Tamenglong is the district seat of the Tamenglong district in Manipur’s Naga highlands. Tamenglong district in Manipur features an uneven landscape with turbulent rivers, waterfalls, caverns, lakes, and lush tropical woods. A sequence of seven waterfalls may be seen along the Barak River. The Tharon cave (Chalem-Ky) lies around 27 kilometres from the district headquarters.

Best Places to Visit in Tamenglong

Barak Waterfall

Barak Waterfall is a fantastic rafting site and a unique tourist attraction. This is where Asha (a Rongmei Hero) pounded and where visitors come to pay their respects.

Kisha Khou

Kisha Khou is a beautiful mountain cliff for trekking and the former bideant of Haipei Rani Gaidinliu between 1935 and 1940.


Zeiladzang Village, Tousem Sub Division, is known for its natural beauty.

Tharon Cave

This is a magical cave where fruit bats live and where many sorts of halls such as Lous Hall, Dancing Hall, Meeting Hall, and others may be found. Under neath, there are around 12 caverns.


Buning is a scenic meadow located in the Tamei Sub-Division, 15 kilometres from Tamenglong Headquarters.

Best Time to Visit in Tamenglong


How to Reach Tamenglong

Tamenglong in Manipur is one of the most exquisite districts in the state, surrounded by North Cachar Hills District (Assam) in the west, Senapati district in the east, Churachandpur district in the south, and Peren District (Nagaland) in the north. Manipur, being a well-known tourism destination, provides visitors with excellent transportation options. The best method to get to Tamenglong, though, is via flight.


Tamenglong’s nearest airport is in Imphal, the capital city, which is 161 kilometres away. When it comes to the largest airport in North East India, Imphal International Airport is ranked second. As a result, the airhead is one of the busiest airports in the area. From this airport, you may fly both domestically and internationally. To get to Tamenglong, one can rent a cab, which would take 3-4 hours to reach the location.


Tamenglong is served by the nearest railway station, Dimapur. Tamenglong is approximately 236 kilometres from the train station. You may rent a cab or take a bus to Tamenglong from Dimapur.


Tamenglong is around 142 kilometres from Imphal, the state capital, which is connected to neighbouring cities and states by interstate buses. You may get to Imphal by bus from Guwahati (Assam) or Dimapur (Nagaland), and then from there to Tamenglong. Buses to Tamenglong are accessible from all of Manipur’s towns. Furthermore, one might choose to self-drive to their destinations through roads and highways.

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