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4 Top Tourist Attractions in Mon

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Top Tourist Attractions in Mon


Mon is a town and a town area committee in the Mon district of Nagaland, India.

Mon attracts travellers with a variety of attractive sightseeing, trekking, fishing, and picnic areas. It gives a tranquil, quiet environment free of the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. Some of the tourism attractions include:

(a) Wanching, Wakching, Mon, Shangnyu, Chui, Longwa, Angphang, Monyakshu, Pessao and Changlangshu, famous for wood carving;

(b) Sheanghachingnyu, Langmeang and Longwa are famous for skull exhibits and wood carving;

(c) Dikhu river, Tizit, Tapi, Teyap etc. are sights for tourist attraction for fishing and picnicking;

(d) Yetyong, Kaimang, Maksha and Thannyak rivers are popular for trout fishing;

(e) Chiknyuho, Shawot, Ngupdang and Longwa are famous for Second World War remains and rock inscriptions;

(f) Yei, Monyakshu, Pessao, Yongkao and Tamkong are the spots of attraction for ornithologists and for watching Tragopan birds; (g) Shangnyu and Chui have been declared as the ethnic villages providing a rich educational research work for anthropologists.

The Chief Anghs is in charge of these two villages. Traditional structures and antique sculptures provide historical context for the Konyaks’ culture and tradition in the past.

The Konyaks have Mongoloid ancestors. Prior to the arrival of Christianity in Nagaland, the Konyaks practised “Animism,” worshipping various natural objects. Approximately 95% of the population today adheres to the Christian faith.

Male chauvinism dominates the Konyak civilization, which is undeniably patriarchal. The paternal property is traditionally passed down to the family’s eldest son. All key decisions involving the village, society, and so on are made by the male members, and women are not allowed to participate in the meeting’s discussions. However, with increasing liberal thinking and considering women as equals in all respects, the tide is turning. In each hamlet, the Konyaks speak a different dialect. Each community has its own dialect, which is distinct from the others. The Konyaks are naturally hospitable, warm-hearted, and enjoy a good time. Elderly men enjoy a cup of black tea known as “Khalap.”

Best Places to Visit in Mon

  1. Veda Peak
  2. Shangnyu Village
  3. Chalsoise Village
  4. Longwa Village

Best Places to Visit in Mon

Veda Peak

The highest point in the Mon district. When the skies are clear, this hill, located over 70 kilometres from the district headquarters, provides a beautiful and incredibly stunning view of the Brahmaputra and Chindwin rivers (which pass through Burma). The well-known waterfall is another draw at Veda Peak. This region is regarded as one of the nicest in the district. Winter is the greatest season to visit Veda since the weather is ideal, with moderate temperatures that will make your vacation pleasurable and comfortable. During this season, the snowcapped steep peaks are an extra bonus.

Shangnyu Village

One of the district’s most significant settlements. The Angh’s (chief’s) residence, which is located here, is said to be over 500 years old. The intricately carved structure is still standing tall. There are additional memorial stones in front of Angh’s Palace.

Chalsoise Village

This is the largest settlement in the Chen area. This hamlet, located close the India-Myanmar border, contains a tiny museum that showcases many traditional decorations from the region. Human skulls from the days of headhunting are exhibited at an area called Waloo.

Longwa Village

This is one of the most fascinating communities in the Mon district. The Angh’s residence is located in both India and Myanmar. Despite the fact that the town is located in two nations, the chief rules over the entire community. The natural beauty of the area is enormous, since four rivers run through it, two in India and two in Myanmar.

Best Time to Visit in Mon

The months of October to May are ideal for visiting Mon and other regions of Nagaland since the weather is nice.

How to Reach Mon

By Bus:

Mon can be reached by bus through several routes. They are

Via Sonari (District Sibsagar, Assam): It is about 65 km from Sonari to Mon.

Via Simulguri (District Sibsagar, Assam): Mon is also accessible by bus from Simulguri, which is around 95 kilometres away. However, there is no direct train service between Simulguri and Mon. First, one must go 20 kilometres to Naginimora (in the Mon district). Bus service to the Mon district headquarters is accessible from Naginimora (75 km).

Via Dimapur (District of Nagaland): There are three night bus services available between Dimapur to Mon, which are:

There is daily (day time) SUMO services  available between Dimapur to Mon.

Via Kohima(Capital of Nagaland):

Chopper Services:

Every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m., there is a direct chopper service from Dimapur to Mon (From Dimapur)

By Train:

There are no train and air services to Mon. However, one can travel up to BHOJO Railway Station in Assam and then via Sonari to Mon. The distance between Bhojo and Sonari is approximately 7 kilometres. Another way for getting to Simulguri is by train. Because there is no direct bus service from Simulguri to Mon, one must first travel to Naginimora before continuing to Mon.

By Flight:

Jorhat (Assam) is the closest airport, which is around 161 kilometres (by bus) from Mon. However, there is no direct bus service. Mon is also accessible from Dimapur and Dibrugarh Airports. One must first travel to Sonari or Simulguri, and then to Mon from there.

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