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Duduma Waterfall – Magnificent Tourist Place in Odisha

Duduma Waterfall Odisha

Odisha – Duduma Waterfall

Duduma Waterfall is located on the border of the Indian districts of Koraput (Odisha) and Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)

The Machkund River is the horsetail style waterfall at an elevation of 175 m (574 ft). The waterfall of Duduma lies about 92 kms from Koraput and about 177 kms from Visakhapatnam and is situated at the Odisha side and the other at Andhra Pradesh side.

Machkund is a destination for pilgrims. This waterfall is home to the Native tribe of Bonda, Gadaba and Paragua.

To visit Duduma, you must travel approximately 90 kilometers from Koraput via Maachkund, where formal authorities permission to visit the power station needs to be obtained. A narrow path to the left declares the falls of Duduma seven kilometers from Machkund.

Duduma Waterfall

Duduma is situated on the frontier with Odisha and Andhra pradesh, from an altitude of more than 550 feet.

The viewpoint is conveniently reached by road and is a ride from Koraput for two hours.

Duduma Falls is one of India’s tallest ‘plunge’ waterfalls, bearing the third largest water column in Odisha.

A nice weekend travel from Visakhapatnam: Duduma waterfalls

As people go to Visakhapatnam in this year and winter starts, everyone takes part in New Year’s celebrations at weekend trips such as Araku Valley. Yet one tourist spot is already in the dark. Far from Visakhapatnam’s noise, there is a place where the water talks. The Duduma waterfalls is situated on the borders of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh and the splendor is still their name. Duduma is a group of three waterfalls, coming from the Odisha River Machkund, where each is spectacular in its own way In three distinct ways.

Duduma is not attracting many visitors, especially from Andhra Pradesh, because of the bad accessibility. When you get to the location, a wide number of weak steps must be taken to view the cascades. Yet it’s worth the effort to see the cascades. You can hear the water falling over the rocks as you slowly descend the stairs. When at ground level, visitors must navigate rough slick rocks to protect the feet of the three cascades. It can take about 2-3 hours to cover and see the whole area adequately.

How to Reach Duduma Waterfall

It does not find much attention as one of the least open locations near Visakhapatnam. Padua railway station, approximately 54 kilometers from the waterfalls, is the closest train station. There is no public transit to the site and there are so few buses to the cascades. By path, Visakhapatnam is roughly 5-6 hours from the cascades. You must go at least 1000 steps on foot to reach the base of the cascades. Visitors will either rent their own cars in town or take their own cars. The path to the cascades is not in decent shape and it is difficult to find simple facilities like bathrooms.

No decent accommodation is available for visitors close to Duduma waterfalls. It is also best not to spend more than a day.

Best Time To Visit Dumduma Waterfalls

Season, especially December and January, is the best time to visit the Duduma Waterfalls. Sunrise is the time to hit the cascades, since the sunrays that land on the cascades at an extreme angle give the waterfall a perfect look. This means that all who drive on the road will leave Visakhapatnam late. The path is quiet, lonely and dazzling, but the high altitude offers open sky and enjoys stargazers.


Visakhapatnam-Lambasingi-Paderu-Duduma waterfalls



Things to consider

As the way to Duduma is in the eastern Ghats, much of the journey means that travelers will not be connected to their cell telephones. Before the ride, it is advisable to download the path. Travelers should store food, water and ready themselves for cold weather. The potholes on the road will degrade the pneumatic tires and wear the replacement tire wisely. Those that have serious lung conditions are not advisable to fly because it can be very exhausting.

Somehow the path to Duduma cascades is less traveled and the ones who want to visit those cascades have a lifetime experience.

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Though Odisha settles on India’s eastern limb, the state is able to draw visitors from all over the world to its natural vitality. A waterfall, which is regarded as one of India’s highest waterfalls, the Duduma Waterfall, occurs in the Badigada village of Koraput District. This waterfall originates in the Machkund river and is the cornerstone of the electric power project Machkund Hydro. The waterfall is one of Odisha’s most popular tourist sites.

Duduma Waterfall Koraput. Machkund is a pilgrimage location important. This lovely spot was surrounded by a gorgeous township called ‘Onukudelli.’ It is 88 km from Koraput. It is located.

Matsya Tirtha, the magnificent waterfall, falls 175 meters tall. A Hydroelectric project with its winch is a spot for fun. A little village, Ankadeli, is situated three kM from Duduma waterfall, and on Thursdays, the most primitive tribe in Bondas, comes from the remote and inaccessible thick jungle, it attracts the attention of international visitors to the weekly markets of Ankadeli. The newly built barracks of the dam are known as Jolaput. The dam’s lake has 68.2 square meters. Kms. – Kms. It’s an area for a picnic, 88 kms.

It’s 165 meters above sea level. The best waterfalls of Andhra Pradesh are from Visakhapatnam on the river Machkund. The stream is translated and the runoff is then thrown into the Machkund reservoir. One of Orissa’s most popular tourism sites is Dumduma Falls on the Machhakunda River. This is the location of the famous Machhakund hydro-electric dam. The Dumduma Cape is also known as Matsya Tirtha. In the East Ghats the Dumduma Falls drops from around 157 meters high and is known as the falls on a horsetail.

A study into the Dumduma Falls started in 1941 when hydroelectric power production proposals were drafted. The system was adopted around the year 1946. The waterfall of Orissa remains very active, 104 cfs are drawn from the Dumduma hydroelectric power station.

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