June 20, 2024

best places to visit in Artsakh

Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh, is a disputed region located in the South Caucasus between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Due to the ongoing conflict in the region, the situation regarding tourism and access to Artsakh is complex and subject to change.

It’s important to note that several countries and international organizations do not recognize Artsakh as an independent state and advise against travel to the region due to safety concerns. The following information is based on the situation as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, but it’s essential to check the latest travel advisories and consult with local authorities before considering a visit to Artsakh.

That being said, if the situation allows for safe travel and access to Artsakh, here are some of the notable places to visit:

Stepanakert: The capital city of Artsakh, Stepanakert, offers a glimpse into the region’s history and culture. Explore the central square and visit the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral of the Holy Savior. The Stepanakert History Museum provides insights into the local heritage.

Shushi: Located near Stepanakert, Shushi is a historically significant city with ancient churches, a medieval fortress, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. The Ghazanchetsots Cathedral is a notable attraction in Shushi, known for its architectural beauty.

Gandzasar Monastery: Situated in the Martakert District, the Gandzasar Monastery is a revered religious site and a symbol of Artsakh. It dates back to the 10th century and is known for its stunning architectural design and historical significance.

Tigranakert: Located in the Martakert District, Tigranakert is an ancient archaeological site that showcases the remnants of a Hellenistic city founded by King Tigranes the Great in the 1st century BC. Explore the ruins and learn about the rich history of the region.

Reaching Artsakh:

The accessibility to Artsakh depends on the current situation and available transportation options. It’s important to note that access to Artsakh from Azerbaijan is restricted, and the most common way to reach the region is through Armenia.

By Air: The nearest international airport is Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital. From there, you would need to travel by land to reach Artsakh.

By Land: From Yerevan, you can take a road trip to Artsakh. The journey typically involves traveling through the Lachin corridor, which connects Armenia to Artsakh. It’s essential to check the latest travel advisories and consult with local authorities for the most up-to-date information on border crossings and access to Artsakh.

Please note that the situation regarding Artsakh is subject to change, and it’s crucial to prioritize your safety and follow the guidance of relevant authorities when considering travel to the region.

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