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Kuntala Waterfalls- A Must Visit Destination in Telangana


Kuntala Waterfalls Telangana

Kuntala is the tallest waterfall in Telangana with a height of 147 feet on the river Kadem. The place is a popular weekend break and a famous day trip from Hyderabad in the province of Telangana.

It is with a height of 150 feet the tallest waterfall of the province.

Kuntala Waterfalls
Kuntala Waterfalls

Must visit place during rainy days.

Kuntala Waterfalls is a breathtaking fall in the Telangana District of Adilabad and the closest town to Neredikonda’s waterfall. Since Telangana is the highest waterfall, the elegance of the falls will stun you. You will come across cascading water that comes from 200 feet up. Kuntala Waterfall came from the lovely Kadam River, and you would also have to tour the river if you visit it. The picturesque scenery around the falls is also very exquisite.

There is famous folklore with Shakuntala and King Dushmantya. Therefore, Kuntala falls is named. Some visitors swim in a pond at the bottom of the waterfall, while others want a nice picnic with their friends. You can comfortably hit the fall in around three hours if you hire a car from Warangal. Otherwise, when you ride by public coach, you will have to rent a private vehicle from the village of Neredikonda to enter the falls.

A magic place such as this deserves a legend and Kuntala falls has one. The name came from Shakuntala, King Dushyanth’s beloved queen. The legend is that somewhere near these falls they fell in love with each other and the panoramic beauty of the environment was hyped by them. Shakuntala was also considered to be bathing through the waterfall.

On the Kadem River in the Neredigonda mandal is Kuntala falls. It is Telangana with a height of 147 feet the tallest waterfall (45 meters). The best seasons to visit Kuntala falls are the mountains and post-monsoons. Nevertheless, bear in mind that it is very cautious to reach the river when water flows fast because of the rock and the bends. It can be risky to get into the water.

Kuntala waterfalls were named after Shakuntala, who fell in love with King Dushyanat at the waterfall site, according to a famous myth. Many assume Shakuntala had even taken a bath here. This waterfall has been called Kunta because it is home to the Gond tribes, translating into a swamp in both languages i.e. Tamil and Gondi. Tamil and Gondi. Kuntalu is a several pond translation. The Waterfall of Kuntala was formed due to the confluence of many pools that drain from the river. When you look closely, the slide comes down on a rocky plateau by stepping down.

The famous Telangana Waterfall can be reached by vehicle before the entry point of Kuntala waterfall. You have to walk down approximately 400 steps after reaching the entrance stage, at the end of which we enter the falls. Depending on the speed you go, it takes about 10-20 minutes to get to the waterfall from the entrance.

How to Reach Kuntala Falls In Adilabad, Hyderabad

The Kuntala Waterfalls, Adilabad, is quite a few ways to get there. The best way to get to the cascades is thus by getting a taxi.

By Air: The airport is situated at 320 km from the Kuntala Cape, the closest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. You should be able to enter the cascading within 5-6 hours if you take a taxi from the airport.

By Train: Adilabad Railway Station, 58 km from the Kuntala waterfalls, is the closest railway station. From the station you can take a taxi to the waterfalls. The Kuntala Drop from the railway station shouldn’t take you longer than 1,5 hours.

By Road: If you are in a motorcycle, the distance between Hyderabad or Adilabad can easily be reached in 6 hours at 304 km. You have to ride 64 km further to reach the waterfalls of Kuntala after leaving Adilabad.

Best Time to Visit Kuntala Falls

In adilabad in Telangana, the best time to visit the Kuntala Falls are probably the months between monsoons and aftermonsoons. Both visitors are asked to take care, particularly during high water flows, when getting into the fall. At the bottom of the slide, sharp rocks and turns can be very risky. That is why, before entering it, you can always look at the flow of the drops. The Dropping is a little risky during the rainy season because of the release of water. As in January and July, you should skip these months, since there is not much water in the fall.

Places to Visit Near the Kuntala Falls

You can add some additional destinations to your travel when you visit the Kuntala Falls to make it more unforgettable. Some of the areas you need to cover along your journey here are:

Pochera Falls: 17 km from the waterfalls of Kuntala, Pochera Falls is very thrilling and the deepest waterfall in Telangana. This waterfall comes into the heading of plunge waterfalls, surrounded by picturesque scenery. This fall’s water comes from the sacred Godavari River, which, after passing through the Sahyadri Range, splits in small streams. While you would be impressed by the majesty of this waterfall, others find it a little terrifying. The waterfall bed, built of rough granite, carries the falls.

Location: Adilabad, Telangana 504323, India

Gayathri Waterfalls: Gayathri Waterfalls is a spectacular waterfall, just 7.5 km away from Kuntala Waterfalls and just a few kilometers away from Telangana. This stupendous waterfall is located on the river Kadam, a hundred meters down the gorge, providing a stunning view. Identified in the local language as Gadida Gundam, this fall has been situated in a remote location in a forest, which has been one of the least frequented locations over the years.

Location: Near Gundiwagu GP: Mankapur, Ichoda, Telangana 504307, India

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary:  Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit spot on your journey to Telangana, which is situated 117 km from Kuntala Waterfalls. This wildlife sanctuary has a diverse variety of flora, fauna and wildlife as one of the most significant refugees in the world. Some of the most common animals are Nilgai, Sloth Bear, Bison, Panther, and others. Reptiles such as pythons, windows, star tortoises can also be seen here.

Location: Jannaram, Telangana 504205, India

Precautions to Take Near Kuntala Falls

You must take care to protect yourself and your friends or family members when visiting the Kuntala Waterfalls. Here are some of the steps to be followed:

While the waterfall could look spectacular during mountains, none can go into the waterfall because they build swimming pools that can be unsafe and leading to accidents.

It’s October to December that is the perfect time to visit the Kuntala waterfall.

Do not visit the waterfall from January to June because the sun has risks of making tricks.

What Are The Best Accommodation Options Near Kuntala Waterfalls?

You have to weigh the choices for lodging in Nirmal or Nizamabad if you want to be next to Kuntala Falls. In both of these cities, there are a lot of possibilities at handy prices.

Horde of religious visitors and nature lovers also cater to the Kuntala waterfalls because of the connection with the Deities. The legends claim that the waterfall is named after Shakuntala, King Dushyanta’s beloved. If we must accept the tales are here, they both have fallen in love. In the neighborhood is also a mosque. Specifically during Maha Shivratri’s Festival, which is celebrated with great excitement and dedication, the temple is conserved for Someshwara Swami each year.

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