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Netarhat – Queen of Chhotanagpur, Hill Station in Jharkhand

Netarhat Jharkhand

Place – Netarhar | State – Jharkhand| Country – India

Jharkhand Tourism | Jharkhand Tourist Places | Jharkhand Travel Guide

Netarhar Tourism | Netarhar Tourist Places | Netarhar Travel Guide

About Netarhar

In Jharkhand Indian state, Netarhat is a hill station in Latehar District. It is also named the “Queen of Chotanagpur” and is a mountain destination. Netarhat’s residential school, founded in 1954, is also recognized.

Netarhat Tourism

Netarhat is the highest point in the Chotanagpur plateau, popularly regarded as the Queen of Chotanagpur in Latehar District of Jharkhand. Especially in summer, it is best known for the sunrise and sunset views. You will pass seven hills on your way from Ranchi to Netarhat and just over 96 miles.

Netarhat Hill Station

Netarhat is a lesser-known tourist destination on the tag. Netarhat is about 156 km to the west of Ranchi, while Daltonganj is roughly 210 km to the west. The prominent Netarhat Residential School was started in 1954. It is also noteworthy. Significant elements such as drugs are a must-have because chemical shops are poor in the vicinity.

Netarhat nestles as a remote haven in the middle of Jharkhand, surrounded by low hills, trees and hilly waters. Formerly home to numerous tribes, the hills captured the imagination of the British rulers who made it into a mountain station. The hill station, which is then referred to as the Queen of Chhota Nagpur, went far further than its colonial times. Netarhat was opened in 1954, a weekend getaway from the state capital, Ranchi, now known for its natural beauty and public residential school, some 150km away from roads.

Netarhat is part of the fun to enter from the plains. Salt, palaces and mahuwa trees blanket the rolling hills. It crosses the forests by a steep hill road and then passes sharp turns to a plateau overlooking Netarhat at 1,250 m in the center of cypress and pine forests. You can find a major gate in the city.

Certainly the tourism lodge run by the state tourism is the best place to stay in Netarhat. Called after, the sunrise in the hills is best seen by Prabhat Vihar. And if you are there, go to the viewing gallery early so guests from other hotels are still overcrowded.

Hanuman (Ramayana’s Monkey God) was born in the cave of the nearby village of Anjan, according to local beliefs and he was swift to eat the sun, believing it was a seed. Do not skip the sunrise and sunset views in Netarhat if you like but do not forget the plot.

It is roughly 2km to Netarhat Vidyalaya (a residential school). A old British building, the Chalet House, is less than a kilometer from the campus. According to local sources, the government of Jharkhand has decided to hand over the building to the refurbishment academy, which was reported to be the former summer residences of British officials.

A dam constructed during the UK era is approximately 2 km from the Netarhat bus stand. It’s a popular picnic spot in winter, surrounded by hills.

There is definitely no British hill station in India without a controversy or a point of suicide. No exception is Netarhat. According to local legends, a British person named Magnolia was cherished by the local farmer during the colonial period. Yet she committed suicide by falling off the mountain, practically pushed by culture, to the brim. The position has been named the Magnolia point since then. It is situated at Magnolia Point where you can get the best view of the sunset from the local government. If you begin early, you can spend some time walking the green hills below at the point of view where the river Koel can be seen.

In the mountains of Netarhat there are hilly fountains and cascades. It’s 6km from Netarhat, the Upper Ghagri waterfall. Here’s another four kilometers from Lower Ghagri. The area has several pear trees (nashpati). You have to exit the vehicle and walk through the forest in order to enter both cascades.

For a long trip, you can drive down to Jharkhand’s highest waterfall, Lodh’s waterfall approx. 62 km from Netarhat (via Mahuadanr town). Often popular for Burha Ghagh (ghagh is the local term for waterfalls). A range of rivers stream down the Burha River mountains. The cascades thus shaped a swimming pool more than 140 meters away in the trees. You should take note because of the slippery rocks that cannot hit the bottom of the slide.

Netarhat pulls into the coat as night falls over the mountains. Early after dusk, tourists retire and the roads go dark. A blanket of peace hangs over the slopes, as nature rests on the morning sun.

Getting there: The closest airport and train station is about 156 km west of Ranchi. Visits to Netarhat are normally paired with Betla National Park (about 115km away via Mahuadanr town).

As it is a touristic destination, particularly when traveling in one party, it is recommended that you do not fall into abandoned places. Seek permission before you take photos of tribal people. In winter woolens are appropriate. Bring repellents and essential drugs for mosquito/insects.

Best time to visit: November to March.

Netarhat Hill Station in Jharkhand
Netarhat Hill Station in Jharkhand

 How to Reach Netarhat, Jharkhand

By Air :

Ranchi airport is 156 km away and has continuous flights from most of the country’s metro cities. You can rent a taxi to Netarhat from Ranchi.

By Rail :

Ranchi Railway Station, about 155 Km from Netarhat, is the closest major railway station. The station is linked to all major stations in the country by daily trains.

By Road :

The city can be accessed by commuter buses and private busses. In addition, people ride around the city with buses, jeeps and buses. You can also cycle rickshaws when you travel to nearby locations.

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