June 17, 2024

2 Best Tourist Places in Nagarkurnool


Top Tourist Attractions in Nagarkurnool

Nagarkurnool is a city in the Telangana state of India, located in the Nagarkurnool district.

Best Places to Visit in Nagarkurnool

  2. Uma Maheswaram


T Harish Rao, Irrigation Minister, has stated that Rs 10 crore has been sanctioned for the construction of KesariSamudram, an irrigation tank in Nagarkurnool town, into a mini-tank bund. During his morning stroll on the tank’s bund on Saturday, he informed reporters that, in addition to establishing a necklace road around the tank, a leisure centre, gym, and cycling track parking will be created at the tank bund.

Uma Maheswaram

The Uma Maheshwara Swamy temple is located in the beautiful Nallamala woodland area near Mannanur Village in Amrabad Mandal. The temple was built during the time of Maurya Chandragupta in the second century. The temple contains a Shivalinga with two sides: white on one side and crimson on the other. The deity at this temple is said to have been discovered in a naturally formed cave. The constant flow of water from the hillocks on this lovely temple gives the sense that Goddess Ganga is showering her purity here. Near the temple, there is a massive tank. It is one of the Jyotirlingas and the northern entryway to Srisailam. It is perched on a hill surrounded by towering trees.

The temple is protected by the hill ranges. Almost no sunshine shines on this area during the day, keeping temperatures below average all year. It’s also known as Poor Man’s Ooti. Papanasanam is around 200 metres distant from the sanctum sanctorum, where water pours out from behind the massive rocks all year.

Best Time to Visit in Nagarkurnool

Monsoon is the best time to visit Nagarkurnool.

How to Reach Nagarkurnool

Reach to Nagarkurnool from Hyderabad by train : 

The nearest railway station is in Jadcherla, which is 48 kilometres away.

Reach Nagarkurnool from Hyderabad by Drive/Car/Bus:

There are direct buses connecting Hyderabad and Nagarkurnool in both directions. From Hyderabad to Nagarkurnool, the State Transport Bus is the best option. From Hyderabad, you may take a bus or a vehicle to Nagarkurnool. The driving distances between Hyderabad and Nagarkurnool are 125 kilometres through Jadcherla, 118 kilometres via Kalwakurthy, and 175 kilometres via Achampet, while the aerial distance is 108 kilometres.

  1. Hyderad-NH44-Jadcherla-Nagarkurnool(It will take you around 2 Hours 57 Minutes to cover distance of 125 kms).
  1. Hyderad-Kalwakuthy-Nagarkurnool(It will take you around 2 Hours 44 Minutes to cover distance of 118 kms).
  2. Hyderad-Achampet-Nagarkurnool(It will take you around 3 Hours 40 Minutes to cover distance of 175 kms).

Reach Nagarkurnool from Hyderabad By Air:

The city’s closest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad airport). You may take a private cab or taxi to get to Nagarkurnool from here.


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