October 29, 2021

5 Fabulous Places to Visit in Balrampur

Devi Patan Mandir Tulsipur Balrampur

Top Tourist Attractions in Balrampur

Balrampur is a city and city council in Uttar Pradesh, India district of Balrampur. The apartment is located on the bank of the Rapti River and is the seat of the district of Balrampur.

Best Places to Visit in Balrampur

  1. Devi Patan Temple, Tulsipur
  2. Suhaildev Vanya jeev
  3. Koialabaas, Gaisadi
  4. Jhalidham
  5. Jaiprabhagram

Best Time to Visit in Balrampur

All Time

How to Reach Balrampur

The district of Balrampur is one of the districts in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is also part of the division Devipatan and the historical area of Avadh. Balrampur is the District Headquarters, located on the banks of the West Rapti River.

By Air:

Shravasti airport is 23.3 km (14.5 mi) from the city, however it is not a regular and international airport. Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, 177.1 km (110.0 mi) away, is the closest international and regular airport. It is 162km (101miles) from the seat of Balrampur district and Lucknow is Uttar Pradesh’s capital.

By Road:

 By Road from Lucknow 170 Km. via Barabanki , Bahraich, Sharavasti or Barabanki, Jarwal, Gonda.

By Rail:

 By Rail from Lucknow via Barabanki, Gonda. From Gorakhpur by Rail Via Naugarh, Badhni, Tulsipur.


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