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20 Best Travel Places in Sitapur

Naimisaranya Sitapur

Top Tourist Attractions in Sitapur


About Sitapur

Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Sitapur is both a town and a municipal board in the district of the same name. Lucknow Division is where it’s located. Lord Ram’s wife, Sita, is supposed to have given the name to the king Vikramditya.

Best Places to Visit in Sitapur

1.      Namisharanya

2.      Chakratirth

3.      Lalita Devi Temple

4.      Panch Prayag

5.      Unnao Vyas Gaddi     

6.      Soot Gaddi     

7.      Sri Hanuman Garhi and Panch Pandav

8.      Mishrit

9.      Shyamnathan Temple

10.  Chakra Teerth Namish

11.  Patthar Shivala

12.  Qila Mahmudabad


Historically, this was a religious and educational hotspot. There are more than 30,000 religious sites in the area. 88000 mendicants sat in silence here and pondered. In India, pilgrims from all across the country flock here.


Naimisharanya considers this site to be the holiest. On this holy region, it is claimed that Lord Brahma’s device chakra fell and produced a circular “Kund” called Chakra Tirth.

Lalita Devi Temple

In the religious community, this is a fairly well-known temple.

Panch Prayag

This pond may be seen near the Lalita Devi temple.

Unnao Vyas Gaddi    

Near Chakratirth, where Rishi split the Vedas into four pieces and produced the Puranas, it is located.

Soot Gaddi    

This is where Soot and Shaunak had a conversation.

Sri Hanuman Garhi and Panch Pandav        

Lord Hanuman’s statue may be seen here. A.R. transported Shri Ram Lakshman Ji to another planet (Paataal) during the Tretyug period, and Shri Hanuman ji killed him. Makardhvaj, while carrying Shri Ram Lakshman ji on his shoulders, diverted their route, causing Shri Hanuman ji to emerge at Naimisharanya, according to legend. Awe-inspiring magnificence abounds along the Path of Sunderkand.


Ten kilometres distant from Namisharanya is another holy site. There is a sacred pilgrimage to Maharishi Dadhichi Asharam and Sitakund in this area as well.

Sitapur ( Shyamnathan Temple)      

This Shiv Temple was erected between 300 and 400 years ago in the ancient city of Sitapur.

Chakra Teerth Namish

Neemsar, Nimsar, or Nimkhar is a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu in Uttar Pradesh, India.

It is one of the Divya Desams, the 108 temples of Vishnu adored by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars, in Nalayira Divya Prabandham. The temple is considered to be very old, with donations from the reigning kings at different eras.

Patthar Shivala

As early as 1926, Eye Hospital, Sitapur was established at Khairabad, a tiny town five miles from Sitapur’s centre. As the medical officer of the District Board Dispensary in Khairabad, Dr. Mahesh Prasad Mehre, the creator of this hospital, was in charge. They were deeply moved by the suffering of eye sufferers, since there was no adequate treatment system in place for them. As his interest in eye surgery increased, he began to draw clients from the regions of Uttar Pradesh and India.

Qila Mahmudabad

An illustrious descendant of the first caliph of Islam built the Mahmudabad Estate in 1677 and named it for himself. The Kothi, or palace, is part of the Qila, or fort, which is a 20-acre complex. For most of the Mughal Empire and into the British colonial era, the Kothi was a significant administrative and residential complex for Mahmudabad’s rulers.

Historical Places

Historical Places to Visit

There are many historical places/towns in the district Sitapur, some of them are as follows :-

  1. Machrehta
  2. Mehmoodabad
  3. Aurangabad
  4. Bara Gaon
  5. Biswan
  6. Hargaon
  7. Khairabad
  8. Laharpur

Machrehta :

More than 400 years old, according to Aainae Akbari. Machendar Nath meditated here, therefore the name. This area is known as ‘Haridwar Tirth’ and has a historic inn, an imambara, as well as several temples and mosques.


Nawab Mehmood Khan, the commander of King Akbar, founded this town. Until Zamindari’s abolition, his ancestors controlled this land.


A pasis-created dish, it was once called as “Balpur Pastau.” It was Aurangabad that Bahadurbeg named for Aurangzeb in 1670.

Bara Gaon

An old site, this is. Another mosque and pond, named “Badesar”, may be found nearby.


About 600 years ago, Biswan was created by the famous Yogi Bishwar of the sect of the Baba Vishwanatha Nath yogi. In the Vishwanath temple, Biswan’s name is derived from Lord Shiva. Every year during the winter, the state of Uttar Pradesh celebrates Gulzar Shah with a fair. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called Stone Shivla, which is entirely built of stones. The Dudhnath Temple, which is more than 200 years old and located near Shankar Ganj, is another Shiva temple. Over 200 years old, the “ancient well” at the Dudhnath temple dates back to this time period. There are a lot of buildings, dargahs, mosques, and other religious structures. Sheikhbari created these in 1173 hijri. Urs/Melas are held annually in the mazar of Hazrat Gulzar Shah, which is known for its communal peace.


This town was founded by Harishchandra, the famous king of Ayudhiya. On Kartik Poornima, the hindus hold a festival called Suraj Kund.


During the reign of King Vikarmaditya, it was a pilgrimage site. The settlement was founded in the 11th century by Khaira Pasi, according to certain reports. In 1527, Babar seized it from Bahadur Khan during his rule. It was ruled by Humayun till Shershah conquered him. During the time of Akbar, there were 25 palaces, which are currently located in the Khiri and Hardoi districts. It was also a major commercial centre for Kashmiri shawls, Burmingham jewels, and Assamese elephants. When Akbar ruled, it was the Awadh State Commissionary, and Lucknow was under the Khairabad. In the area, the Imam Bara and a few more structures may be found, as well. The Dargah of Hazrat Makhdoom sb. is well-known among followers for its beauty and reverence.


A.D. 1374 Firozshah Tuglak rehabilitated this area; after 30 years, Lohari’s Pasis conquered him and changed its name to Loharipur, which eventually became ‘Laharpur. “. As well as the revenue minister Raja Todar Mal, Navratna was born here.

Best Time to Visit in Sitapur

The winter season is the finest time to visit Sitapur. The temperature stays pleasant, making it ideal for viewing Sitapur’s monuments and other points of interest. October, November, December, February, and March are the ideal months to visit.

How to Reach Sitapur


Sitapur has its own railway station, the Sitapur Railway Station, which is located within the city. A number of important cities are well-connected to the city via Jan Nayak Express, Satyagraha Express, Maur Dhwaj Express and Jan Seva Express.


A two-hour drive from Sitapur lies the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow, the nearest international airport. Through Jet Airways, Buddha Air, Air India, and Spice Jet, it is well linked to a wide range of places like as Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Delhi Goa Mumbai Kolkata Hyderabad Kathmandu and more


Hardoi is 63 km away, Lucknow is 88 km, Farukkhabad is 135 km, Bareilly is 163 km, Rampur is 229 km, Moradabad is 291km, and Bijnor is 356km away. The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) and certain private transport services link Sitapur to the rest of the state.

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