October 16, 2021

Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Firozabad

Firozabad Digambar Jain Mandir

Top Tourist Attractions in Firozabad


About Firozabad

In the province of Uttar Pradesh in India, Firozabad is a city near Agra. It is the centre of Indian glassmaking and the quality of the belts and glassware made there are recognised. During Akbar’s rule, income passed the city, which the Afghans plundered

Best Places to Visit in Firozabad

  1. Mahaveer Digambar Jain Temple
  2. Chandravar Gate
  3. Marsalganj Jain Temple
  4. Sofi Sahab Mazar
  5. Baba Neem Karori Maharaj
  6. Vaishno Devi Temple
  7. Raja Ka Taal
  8. Tomb of Firoz Shah
  9. Shahi Masjid
  10. Gopal Ashram
  11. Shri Hanuman Temple
  12. Padham
  13. Kotla Fort
  14. Rapidi
  15. Santee

Best Time to Visit in Firozabad

Any Time

How to Reach Firozabad

The city of Firozabad has a train station served by the Indian Railways’ Delhi-Howrah trunk road. The town is 40 km east of the world-famous Taj town Agra on National Highway 2, making a halt on this highway vital for transportation vehicles. As a result Firozabad is connected to the west and east of Uttar Pradesh state by various bus routes. Thanks to the close proximity of Agra to Rajasthan and the boundaries of Uttar Pradesh, the city is also served by many interstate bus routes. Tundla is one of Delhi and Howrah’s key rail junctions. Also on the same route is Shikohabad intersection.